Wheeleez Kayak Cart--awesome!!!

I have tried a lot of carts and been disappointed with their performance in sand.

I recently got one of the FULL SIZED wheeleeze carts…awesome. Well worth the $240.

I had previously tried their mini cart and was not impressed, but am quite happy with this one.

Great, great product. Rolls over soft sand nearly the same as over pavement.


Why did you not like the mini?
I need to get a small cart that can fit in an NDK 10" round hatch (wheels removed). My Quantum Stern cart is small and light but the 7" hard wheels are lousy for soft surfaces. The wheels come off with awful cotter pin clips and the “bushings” (PVC rings) are too easy to lose. Actually, all those little bits are easy to lose. My husband’s quick-release ring on his Sea To Summit cart works beautifully but the cart is bigger than will fit in my hatch compartment.

The Wheeleez Mini with the solid foam tires looks like it might fit the bill. I just don’t know if the cart frame will fit in the hatch compartment. Might be able to accept having it in the cockpit instead. That’s where I put the entire Quantum cart now, because I just want to get going instead of futzing with cart pieces. (I cart the kayak from home to beach and vice versa, so this is my usual total method of transport.)

I have the small one with the foam

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wheels, and I think it is great on sand.
If you want I can take all the measurements and send them to you.
You can also get extra of those "ring things" that hold the wheels on at various hardware stores.
We like how quick the wheels come off for storage

Jack L

mini vs. full size
The full sized one rolls a lot easier over sand and sinks in much less. I found the little one worked okay but still had a lot of resistance. much less so with the big model.

The one place I tested the small one had REALLY DEEP AND SOFT sand. So the conditions were a big extreme.

Additionally, the one I got was actually defective which probably made it not a completely fair test. The axel on one side was either a little out of spec or slightly bent. The wheel would not spin freely on it.

Also, I am not interested in putting it in my hatch. I just would not want something rolling around in my hatch like that given how much I like to roll etc. I hate hard items shifting around in my hatch. Might be nice for camping in certain circumstance though.

In all I would prefer better performance to packability. The big wide wheels and wheel base of the full sized model just outperforms the smaller one

That would be great
Please send me the measurements. I think the wheels themselves are less than 10" diameter but I don’t know how bulky the folded frame is.

I realize that cart is not intended to carry loaded boats but for a “daily driver” it might work well. I have mostly hard surface to roll over, with the last stretch on beach sand. Another place that I drive to once in a while requires carting much longer on beach sand, and a more suitable cart is needed there.

Thanks for the offer.

Ummmm, so where do you put the cart
… when you roll? If it’s too big to fit in the hatch, that doesn’t leave any better places to secure a cart.

If I’m going to do a lot of rolling and have the cart, I put it on the beach. But for a few on-the-fly rolls, it stays in the cockpit. Yeah, it moves some. So far, not enough to cause trouble but I’d rather it be in the hatch, where I can stuff some padding to keep it from rolling around.

Watch your e-mail
Jack L

I leave it…
on the beach or put it back in my truck. I don’t take it with me.


How long would it last on the beach ?
Jack L

wheeleez carts
Any sense of the durability of the tires? Do they lose air quickly? Heard that inflating is a bit fussy and one needs an expensive tire gauge to get it right. Is that true?

Thanks, M

Just get the one with the foam in the…

We have had ours for two years now without ever having to put air in the tires. They are filled with foam.

last winter we used the buggy once a week for four months, and so far there is no wear showing on the tires.

If they had foam filled tires for my sit on riding lawn mower, I would convert in a heart beat.

Jack L