wheels/dolly that fit inside an Alchemy

Pretty specific question - looking to see if anyone has a dolly/set of wheels they use that they know fits inside a Dagger Alchemy?

I currently use a bastardized Seattle Sports dolly that has been modified to use the WheelEez solid wheels. The wheels fit fine inside the hatches of the Alchemy, but the frame is too large to get in any hatch. Could use to get a second dolly, and would like one that would fit inside.

c tug
It will take up a lot of the space and it is not the lightest.

Soft or hard surface?
Quantum Engineering’s Kayak Cart (available from REI) is very small and can be disassembled without tools. $80. Downside is that it’s not good for soft ground, just pavement or hardpack. See my 2 reviews of it on Pnet’s review section.

+1 on the Quantum
compact design fits in my Zephyr so I would think it’ll fit in the Alchemy too.

the other possibility is to stow it in front of the footpegs if your legs aren’t too long.