wheels for kayaks

can anyone suggest some brand/kind of wheels to help me get a heavy kayak over some rugged ground into the water? they will also have to fold into a hatch for the return. i am an older solo female, and hope for a set-up that will roll smoothly and be easy to put on and take off. many thanks

I like these

If the wheels are too big, they also have a model with smaller wheels.

These are good
with a couple of straps from NRS. They come apart easily and will go into almost any hatch.



those are great, I have a set. A sure back-saver.

Wheels attached to center is better
My cart is positioned in the center of my kayak. Just set it on the cart, use a strap with a buckle to hold it there. The kayak is nicely balanced with all the weight on the wheels. One time I used a friend’s “over the end” type. It was awful because I had to hold up the weight of the kayak the whole way to the parking lot. Unfortunately, my cart will not fit in the hatches. Be sure to take your kayak shopping with you when you look at carts to be sure it will fit in the hatch. Also, it will enjoy the outing.

does it fit in the hatch?

Lock option
Depending on the area, if you usually take out where you put in you could leave your cart on land and secure it with a bike lock. That’d give you the option of using larger wheels if your path is very rough.

Eckla 200 &260
Both of these center wheel models fit into most hatches. U-shaped frame no straight across axle.

Pnematic tires make for a soft ride.

Here for more info:


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Has anyone found any carts that are cheaper than what has already been listed. I’m on a serious budget.

Make your own

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Redmond did it. http://community.webshots.com/user/redmond5099

Here is how:

I got everything at Lowes. 4’1x4, pair of wheels, 1/2" steel rod, 2 U-bolts w/ hardware, 2 hairpin cotters, 4 1/2" fender washers, epoxy, strap. Ended up with a roughly 2’ piece with a V-support for the stern. U-bolted the rod on for an axle and drilled it for the cotters. With the wheels off it fits in the rear hatch of the Avocet.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has a cart very similar to the Eckla for about $50. Mine has held up well.


E-mail me,
and I’ll send pics of a homemade pvc foldable kayak caddie that you may be interested in.


Harbor Freight and Northern Tools,
best sources for wheels at a good price, much better than the Depot or Lowes.

I made one
I made one out of a discarded plastic bucket, two wheels from a junked lawnmower, a length of threaded rod, nuts and washers from Lowes, and an adjustable nylon strap from WalMart. The contour of the boat is cut into the top 3/4 of the bucket. I think I’ve also heard of people adapting old golf bag carts.

after 3 different kinds
including the top brand names and the make your own last summer i plumped down the money for the Trolley by Freya Hoffmeister…money well spent, should last a lifetime, is a center carry, made of all salt water resistant components, and all parts are bungied together so you cant loose anything; best is that it actually carries the boat well and is variable enough to accomodate range from narrow SOFs to wide rec boats.

Freya’s Trolley
I have one and find it so much better than previous carts. The center carry makes life easier on longer carries, and it packs down really small. The shock corded assembly is similar to a tent pole, just slide the folded cart out of the bag and give it a shake. I’ve punished mine mercilessly, and haven’t been able to break it or lose any parts.

Make your own cart
I made my own cart out of PVC pipe. I got two wheels from discarded bikes on junk day. You need front wheels from two kids bikes - front wheels only, rear wheels have the hub which you don’t need. The 12" wheels are bigger than used on commercial carts and will roll over most everything. I reused the bike axles also, didn’t need a long axle across the width of the cart because I used a heat gun to soften the PVC vertical support pipe and squished the pipe flat where the axle goes through. My prototype cart does not come apart - with a slight redesign it could. My purpose is to transport my wood/canvas canoes from the car to the lake. If I’m going on a trip involving portaging I take the kevlar canoe. I bought everything I needed, PVC, glue, straps etc. for less than $25. There is no need to spend a lot of money. Necessity is the mother of invention - use good old American know how.