When do you decide to hang up the paddle

Just wonder what makes folks decide it’s time to put away the paddling gear for the season. Do you go on air temp? Water Temp? Ice? Never stop?

Dan Caldwell

Rapid Media TV Guy

When I lived in the Midwest: When the water was solid.

Now that I live on the West Coast: Never.

Never stop
Although I’m hesitant to paddle during a snow storm.

other stuff calls
I usually try to paddle a few times am month through the year, but other things call. Daylight hours decrease. Snow falls. The ski slopes and trails call. One of the things I like about the seasons is rediscovering various activities anew.

Me paddlin’ season "STARTS"
at de end o’ September an’ goes to maybe mid-June iffin’ it dun’t git too hot. No hot wetter paddlin’ fer dis polecat.


Nov + Dec
The dam releases are waning for the year and local whitewater is bone dry. Pretty much in rain-dependent mode after a trip to the Hiwassee & Ocoee this weekend.

In San Diego
I only quit when I get snowed in.

When the slopes open
Because I need to change racks on the car. A perfect change of seasons is kayak on a Saturday in a snowstorm with ice forming on my deck and going home, changing racks and going skiing Sunday in all the snow from the previous day’s snowstorm that I paddled in!

oh yeah - the Perfecta

If I had to stop for months at a time, I’d move. I’m always paddling, regardless of the season. There’s always open water near the big dams for eagle watching and paddling upstream for a workout. And nobody else in on the water…and that’s alright by me.

hot weather…

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I always put the gear away during summer.
It gets hot in Florida!

Like slushy I get the bug for mtn biking and skiing when cold weather sets in. The endless cycle of sports—can’t beat it.

If the home river freezes over, I look
for one that’s open. I paddle all year and I live in Michigan.

There’s an annual paddle the day after Thanksgiving on the Rogue River in Rockford. After the paddle most participants head for the local watering hole or another restaurant for lunch.

I never stop
If it is cold enough to snow the beaches and surf aren’t as crowded.

all of the above
The water by me do freeze over sometimes, though not for very long. But I stop my “regular” paddling season before that.

I could, if I so wish, paddle year round, even if not every day of the winter season. However, like so many others, the ski slope calls.

Occasionally, I would paddle for a bit when we had a long warm spell that melts the snow from the slopes…

Basically, I paddle, bike or ski when the weather is most appropriate for it.

I have cycling buddy who ride on New Year day when the road is snow covered, and ski buddy who will ski the single white ribbon of death at Thanksgiving, or break the ice off the dock to launch their kayak in Feb.

That is NOT me!

Never…night/day/365 always willin’…
The sunny south…even in winter the paddlin’s perfect…“Y’all come on down, Y’heah?!”

right around 32 degrees
is my cut off these days. Reason being I hate coming home and trying to untie frozen lines and undo frozen straps. Used to paddle down into the teens, but now, subfreezing temps I’d rather hike, unless it’s sunny. good level on a nice 2-3 creek, with some good friends.


Air temps below 60
Can no longer stand temperatures out of the t-shirt and shorts range, and no longer want to be enlayered in wet suits, dry suits or stupid wool.

Go South, old man, go South.

We paddle year round

Jack L

season lasts from Jan to Dec
I guess location is key :slight_smile: