When do you guess Northeast lakes will thaw?

I think they froze late this year so I’m hoping they will thaw early. February is the only month I’ve never paddled because there has never been open water in February in my area. It would be good to be able to paddle next month. Portsmouth, NH, broke today’s previous high temperature record by 8 degrees (63). Must have been a good day for sea kayakers.

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Come south - everything is open in southern New England. Gets cold at night, but the days have been above freezing for a while.

Lakes are soooo stubborn about reopening. Have you considered adding an M58 military vehicle to your gear?


Here in SW MI the winter weather is no longer predictable. The entire month of Feb has been sunny (!!!) With highs of 45-50 until yesterday. The river temperature tells the story; it was flat-lined at 32 for about 2 weeks.


I hope you’re on the water again soon. You’re welcome to come to SW MI to paddle.

This was today - 50 degrees and no ice in sight…