When do you guess Northeast lakes will thaw?

I think they froze late this year so I’m hoping they will thaw early. February is the only month I’ve never paddled because there has never been open water in February in my area. It would be good to be able to paddle next month. Portsmouth, NH, broke today’s previous high temperature record by 8 degrees (63). Must have been a good day for sea kayakers.

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Come south - everything is open in southern New England. Gets cold at night, but the days have been above freezing for a while.

Lakes are soooo stubborn about reopening. Have you considered adding an M58 military vehicle to your gear?


Here in SW MI the winter weather is no longer predictable. The entire month of Feb has been sunny (!!!) With highs of 45-50 until yesterday. The river temperature tells the story; it was flat-lined at 32 for about 2 weeks.


I hope you’re on the water again soon. You’re welcome to come to SW MI to paddle.

This was today - 50 degrees and no ice in sight…


Ice out on Newfound Lake in New Hampshire occurred on April 24 last year. As of yesterday, more than half of Newfound has thawed. The remainder was gray ice that looked like it could be gone by the end of this week. I have never, ever seen this this early in the last four decades. Essentially we had only two months of winter this year. Instead of shoveling snow, I was raking pine cones off my lawn in February from the many windstorms.

While 60 degrees feels like a blessing in early March, I dread this summer in the Northeast. Not just the heat and humidity, but the danger of wildfires. These conditions will change things for kayakers. I now think of summer as “the season when I don’t get to kayak very much.” I made a trip to the Adirondacks to kayak last fall but did just one short paddle due to a heat wave and smoke from Quebec.

I have no idea, but I can tell you mid rocky mountain lakes are still iced over.

Continues to be warm and wet in southern New England. It was in the mid-60’s when I was out paddling on Sunday. More rain and warm weather this week. We had a little ice a coupleof weeks ago, but it is gone now. No snow melt to feed the rivers this spring - at least down here. :frowning:

72 here yesterday and breezy with some abrupt gusts. Nice. A cold front came through last night but “cold” now means 40s and 50s which is well above average. Next 2 days are predicted to have sunshine with highs around 50. No ice and no fire so I plan to paddle. :grin:

Not today here in N. Wisconsin, but there’s hope for an early thaw…