When money comes into play.

Well the winter season blow-outs are starting to wind down…and I’m aching to get a crossover kayak. I know, I know…crossovers typically excel at nothing…

I have the opportunity to pick up a Dagger Approach 10 for $400, versus a Pyranha Fusion River Tour for $700 or the LL Remix XP 10 for $900.

I mostly plan on doing class I and II and flat water paddling. Maybe a very (very) occasional class III. I already know the Pyranha and LL are better kayaks, but are they worth >75% more(Pyranha) or over twice (XP10) the price of the Approach 10?

Any advice would be appreciated!

Go Dagger for the price

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Unless you really plan on paddling the Dagger
at it's upper design limits for speed, maneuverability, etc.
you won't notice ""what it doesn't have""
- save the extra money and buy it.

I'm not sure what else you've paddled or tried
but the differences between multiple 10 ft kayaks
are hardly worth an extra $300+

Save the cash - get a light paddle and a
great fitting comfortable PFD instead.
Accessories, skirts, dry bags, dry boxes, add up

skirt size
All have relatively large cockpits, but the Fusion’s is the smallest. If you are looking at going toward the upper limit for these boats, that smaller cockpit opening will help (plus make it more likely that a standard sea kayak skirt could work for you, if you have, saving you another purchase).

Dagger’s sister company, Wavesport, has a new product that looks pretty similar to the Fusion. The Wavesport Ethos. New product, so maybe not on sale yet. But if it is, that could be a lower cost option over the Fusion.

agree, go with the dagger. If you’re only running class I-III you won’t notice the difference between kayaks.

Thanks… I already have a two rec’ kayaks and use them mainly for local lakes (which we have in abundance here in MN). The rivers around where I live are pretty mild and I’d like to have a 3rd kayak that would be used primarily for these mild rivers …but I would also like to be able to take it on local lakes to go with my kids (in the rec kayaks…)

different input
If you really want to paddle what I know as class III water, the only one of the above suitable as described is the LL boat. If the Fusion had the connect 30 outfitting it would be an equally good choice.

I say this because in my neck of the woods someone needs a reliable roll if they want to paddle class III - otherwise no one will paddle with them after the first trip. An experienced roller would roll the Dagger, but I am not thinking the OP is an experienced roller.

Having decent WW outfitting in a boat is a big step towards being successful when rolling.

You’re correct… no rolling experience at all. I’m guessing what I’m calling Class III is probably more like class II+. Thanks for your advice Dave… I really like the XP10, but really don’t ever see myself in a river/creek where I would use it to it’s full abilities…