When one lifejacket isn't enough!

Planning to get my fourth on April 1st… yes, that’s right, April Fool’s Day.

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excellent parallel

I know there are 5 pfds with my paddling gear in the garage; maybe 6 ? If I am concerned about the river conditions where I’ll be paddling, I take my older, Stohlquist swiftwater rescue vest. Bulky,(lots of gee gaws) hi floating, has pig tail, lots of lash tabs and pockets.
My usual go to vest is by MTI;, I think it’s their Eddy model. Real comfly; good flotation, not too bulky.
Others are lighter weight Lotus Design, NRS, and Kokotat.

If I’m going to some river where conditions are “paddle or die” I strap a used/patched/ tractor tire innertube to my chest with ratchet straps.


A little BS
North Fork of the White flood stage result. Picnic table in tree..

Expect a big thrill

If you’re overly concerned; you might just want to stay home and chill out, like my cat. No worries!


Gitchellbob, are you selling the folding aluminum canoe. I don’t have a tree rack, but I think it may fit my shed.


I like to merge posts. For instance would I be more at risk going with my natural floatation and two lifejackets forgoing a third “boaster” lifejacket or building a fire in my kayak while out at sea to cook a blue fish? :upside_down_face:

You eat blue fish?

Sure. We can do recipes too. 1 bluefish requires a bath in a half gallon of mayo… quick bath of an hour… More time is not better.

I need to try that, must be an improvement.

yah that is one fish best eaten the same day. We had a neighbor who would fish the Jersey Shore and bring home waay too many… He blessed the neighbors with bluefish. One was O kayyy… We always said NO to two.

Being on Lake Erie we did not have the pleasure of blue fish but we had sheep head. They were best cooked with the pine board method.

We’re blessed with Rock Fish on the Chesapeake Bay. Not sure why people eat strong flavored fish, but I didn’t like salmon until I figured how to cook it. Have you ever tasted Snake Head. I hate to admit it, but it’s pretty good, it’s too ugly for me to get past the looks, but it is tasty.

We have landlocked striped bass in some of our mostly clear lakes. Fine eatin’.

Lucky break.

From the NY Post so I’m should some here will call this PFD FAKE :joy: maybe the US Army is fake?

Paddling.com is about PADDLING.

Let’s keep it on topic and take the political commentary elsewhere.

Thanks and happy holidays.

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Agree, but it would be nice to find one PFD to use instead of three.

I did get one thing out of this. Probably a good idea to get a PFD with a higher rating when anticipated conditions are on the extreme side.

No matter the topic, it seems there is always a value added. Even if there’s a hidden agenda.

I heard the Army made that vaccine from antibodies in Bat Boy’s blood, grown in sasquatch stem cells and injected into comatose Jimmy Hoffa’s lungs.

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What’s political about an US Army vaccine? We could end all the covid crap and be free to paddle like we use to.