When Scouting a New Waterway

-- Last Updated: Sep-06-10 8:08 AM EST --

The wife and I are looking at trying out Cayuga Lake in Ithaca, NY launching from Treman State Park.


When you are researching possible waterways what online resources do you use to check out possible launch points as well as other key factors?

I found the local Cornell site for temps etc...


Just curious what your research involves becore you go out.


One of the first ones I look at is…
the state Atlas or Gazetteer.

They show a little icon looking like a row boat at every launch place on rivers, lakes, ponds and the ocean.

Then I usually ask here on P-net.

lots of other ways, but these are good starting points.


Thank you

usually a topo map
gives you an idea of where campsites and portages ought to be as well as the prevailing topography and the direction of the lake.

Cayuga I realize is quite civilized. (Lived in Ithaca a long time). Its quite long and the waves generally go south to north or vice versa. They can funnel badly making some large waves.

What the map tells me is if I paddle Cayuga I ought to paddle very early. However its been known to throw huge swells before 9 am.

What the topo also tells me is bail out points if I capsize or cannot go back.

Google Earth