When the water is too hard to paddle on, just pedal on it

Say!!! Five to twenty more Parsons hitched to that sled of yours sportin’ the tugboat bumpers and you’ll be ready to enter the Jumpin’ Jack Flash 'n Dash To Juneau I-Did-the-Ride Race! Or at least hold a Canine Consistory Convention of the Sub-Arctic Presbyterian Synod.

They say that Clark Kent is really Superman. Naw. Chuck von Yamashita is obviously Superman.

Could use a “fattie” around here. Digging out today. Will see how the 2" studded tires will do on the commute tomorrow.

Post storm surf is up but nowhere to park with all the parking bans. :frowning:


Sounds like a “fattie” trike with a rear, nose-standing waveski rack is in order there, Sing. Although I suppose some of that fast-cornering, Bean Town commuter maneuvering might become a tad bit trapezius-trepidatious.

One wonders when the wheeled longboarder crowd opts-in on those beefy treads. But I suppose the necessity for an attached two-rung side ladder just to mount the “Smart Car Smasher” monster board could put an end those dolphin flips.

Paris needs boots!