When to repair scratches and gouges?

-- Last Updated: Dec-29-09 3:59 PM EST --

At what point do you all fill in scratches on a kayak? Mine is in good shape, just scuffed up a bit. No gouges or holes, but was curious about plastic repair and plastic welders, and when to use em.

You can ignore the scratches and
gouges for quite a while. For your uses, the bit of drag the scratches contribute is not worth worrying about.

Few people wear through a plastic boat before they have gotten tired of it and bought something else. Perhaps the biggest hazard is dragging the boat over rough concrete. Some have dragged a hole into the bow or stern by not paying attention to what dragging can do.

Scratches and heat guns
I asked a similar question about a year ago and was advised to be very careful with any heat gun. It’s like a Dremel - amazing the damage you can do having fun “repairing” items.

I’d let the dealer fix them, if they mess it up you get a new boat. If you mess it up, you end up with no boat.

Bill H.

No dealer in their right mind…
…would offer a service to fix scratches on plastic boats.

Leave them all alone
People will think you are a old salt with lots of experience !



You just don’t
that’s the great thing about plastic boats – almost no maintenance and they will still last 10+ years.

One of my goals is to wear a hole in a plastic boat. Even starting with a used boat, this will take some time…


that is a easy goal to attain if
You do like one idiot that I saw at a put-in once, dragging his tupperware boat along a concrete walkway, and bragging to his buds, that it was the big advantage over fiberglass boats.