When was my canoe made?

I bought a used canoe, and I would like to know how old it is. It is a Grumman seventeen foot aluminum canoe. The plate on the stern bulkhead says it is serial number 21300, and the plate on the bow deck says 2130-GP-5-17. I would appreciate any insight as to it’s age. Thanks in advance.

Neither of those numbers is a hull identification number (HIN). All boats sold in the US after November 1972 are required to have and display a 12 character HIN, the first three characters of which are always letters. The HIN is usually displayed on the exterior of the hull at the aft, starboard side. If you can find one, the HIN will give you the month and year of manufacture.

But if the hull was made before Nov. 1972 it will likely not have a HIN and that is often the case with older Grumman aluminum canoes.

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Post a few pictures of it here I bet someone will be close on 5he year.