when was there a paddle indentation

on the back of a P&H boat???


looks like a square blade shape…hmmmmmmmm weird…


It was for a particular brand (Cricket, I think) backup paddle.

Seems strange and not very useful to me (unless you happen to own the particular paddle).

early Sirius
i’ve got a P&H Sirius with that paddle indentation. it came with a take apart paddle that fit right into that recess. the color of the paddle blades matched the trim color of the cockpit combing and seam stripe. oh so very cool looking.

the problem is that the paddle weighs 10 pounds (well, maybe it just feels that way) and feels like paddling with a 12x6.

i removed it long ago. now there’s just a recess that usually elicits a “what’s that for” from other paddlers. “my water bottle” i usually respond.

lendal paddle recess
Lendal paddle - i believe -

think most of this ended 4-5 years ago.

Derek’s contributions

Derek objected
According to Hutchinson the paddle recess was P&H’s idea which he did not support.

Among the shortcomings of the design was the loss of the day hatch.

But, hey it looks neat and the Orion is a classic.

From P&H
The paddle recess was put on the Orion mould in early 1995 and a new mould without paddle recess was made in mid 2001.

The paddle we used was not a Lendal paddle, it was a paddle made specially for us by Ainsworth. It was based on a Lendal Seamaster paddle. They do not make this paddle now, they discontinued it a few years ago. The nearest one we know in shape to this paddle is the Toshook from Streamlight.

Hope this helps you.

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My orion
had the paddle recess, and a dayhatch My camano fit the recess alright