When we can’t paddle it

Pedal and run it Fat Bike Ride Palmer Slough, Gateway Alaska - YouTube Between work and weather haven’t been able to get to Prince William Sound since before Thanksgiving


Beautiful! The sun sure hangs on that horizon in December, huh?


Beautiful. I love my fat bike, a great getaway vehicle.

Looks like fun. :snowflake: :snowman_with_snow: :thermometer: :bike:

We barely have anything resembling a normal winter yet in southern New England. I got my winter fat tire bike ready but really with nowhere to pedal of interest. Still working remotely for the most part, I get to jump on my commuter bike once or twice a week for a ride to downtown.

We got a whole week of higher than average temps ahead. Looks like we may finish out 2021 as the warmest year ever. :rage: :-1: