Where are all the paddle boarders ?

Or do they just not post here?
In the Florida Keys we now see as many if not more paddle boarders than kayakers
We tried them a few years ago and liked them so much got them for ourselves.
I equate the full body exercise that you get with one the same as from cross country skiing.
Also the view in clear water is far better than from other paddle craft.

Jack L

I’ve noticed there isn’t a lot of SUP traffic here. It’s more kayak/canoe-oriented. But hey, maybe we can change this"

I’d love to have one for paddling alone down at the the seashore - so much easier to get back on than getting back in my canoe. Maybe someday I’ll find one used, but just haven’t been able to justify the cost.

@Ichabod Spoonbill said:
But hey, maybe we can change this"

Oh please don’t.

Ditto Erik’s comments. Way easier to carry and get back on, and I’ve been told paddling a SUP makes you a better kayak/canoe paddler. Maybe because of the core work. Definitely for balance. New stuff too costly so used is a necessity.

I’m a paddle boarder, albeit one without a board right now.

I just sold my beloved Tempest 165 as i “grew” and it was too tight - i have now gotten more into paddle boards and solo canoes. Bought 2 Surftech B1 bomber paddle boards when they first came out basically and this year bought a few BIC boards - from a narrow touring to a wide tough tec - now i am looking for a closed cell foam design for a seat as i get tired after awhile. Then i use a short kayak paddle and its a great combo!

You can buy solid chunks of closed cell foam and carve your own seat.
That is what a lot of white water paddlers do with their solo canoes for down river racing.They make a pedistal style one.

jack L

Hey JackL any idea where online these large foam pieces are sold? i found small ones for thigh braces etc only

We got ours many years ago at the Nantahala Outdoor Center in Bryson City NC.
They have a nice store there.
I don’t know if they sell on line


Here you go: http://kayakoutfitting.com/ Look under closed cell foam. You can get 1, 2, 3, or 4-inch thickness.

Terrific company, good prices and fast shipping.

Our club did it’s annual paddleboard night last night. We make arrangements with a local dealer who provides coaching and a lot of boards to try. It works out great. I got to try a touring board, a surf board and a general-purpose board. Spent most of the night falling into the water trying to do pivot turns – lots of fun. Nothing like sitting in a paddleboard with your feet in the water watching the sunset.



I’ve been eyeing two models at our local Field and Stream store over the winter. I haven’t been able to find much info on them online.