Where are the calendars?

I realized today, at my office, that I hadn’t renewed my membership here to get my annual calendar … I’m not seeing anything here on the new website for membership, and / or calendar ordering. ???

I noticed that myself the other day. Didn’t get the nags to sign up for paddling perks so no tee shirts & no calendars. It looks like that may have been dropped.

I have an unused 2015 calendar I can send you… I saw a lot of goodies in the store but no new calendars…

Last calendar has shipped.
2016 was final trip.
While yaks and those gnus have run off free.
Once pix-elated prison
for hully dozen on seas risen,
has turned last page in tragic “Com” eddy.

Ahhh … ok then. :wink: grayhawk, I’d LOVE to have that unused calendar. LOL

Nice poem there canoeswithduckheads! :smile:

Well, I guess I’ll have to print my own calendar this year. No biggee. Still enjoy the website here, even with the new url. I really find the launch sites map very helpful when going to a new area.

I’m sure others do too, but Walgreens does calendars with your own pictures… See their web site.