Where are the classified ads?

I am shopping around for a boat, and I have used classifieds here before. Can’t find them now, even when I use the internal link to “kayaks for sale.” What’s up with that?

They seem to have dropped the classified ads, and maybe I am doing something wrong, but I have to use the search function to find the sweepstakes entry page.

When the 11-2-16 Pnet newsletter announced the upcoming site update, it included a photo of the new site (this one) which included a buy and sell section. The Pnet classified ad section at the old site stated it would be going on a temporary hiatus. I imagine that once all glitches and burps of the data migration are worked out, a buy and sell section will be added.

The sweepstakes entry is at the bottom of the home page.

Sweepstakes is all so under “WIN STUFF” , at very top of the homepage.

I hope the classifieds return, as well. I have a specialized kayak, I wish to sell.

We just added a new classifieds section to the message boards as a stop-gap measure while we rebuild them on paddling.com https://forums.paddling.com/categories/used-gear-classifieds