where are the plastic kayaks made?

i know my kayaks are US made. Where are the valley,P&H etc made. SEAbird etc are chinamade, of course…

just curious…

My Necky Manitou 13 was made in USA.

P&H/Venuture/Pyranha are molded in England

Valley also built in England.

thanks folks!

Perception used to be in Easly, SC
don’t know if they still are though.

jack L

Yes, plus
Wilderness Systems, Mad River Canoe, and Dagger - all of them are based in the factory in Easley.

Current Designs’ plastic boats are made in Minnesota.

Necky, Old Town, and Ocean Kayak are all now made in Old Town, ME.

NDK (now SeaKayak UK) is obviously built in England too.

Bill H.

NDK is built in Wales.