Where can I buy a used kayak seat?

Hello…this is my first time listing on this message board (I dunno if I’m in the correct place to post this question)

I have a poly-plastic Current Designs STORM.

The plastic seat/back is broken. I would like to sell my Storm, but I need to replace the seat in order for it to be sold.

Anyone out there got ideas on where I might be able to purchase a used kayak seat? Would other models of kayak seats be used (Necky has nice comfortable seats and backs)

Please help!

Sell As Is
and let the new owner put a foam seat ($50) in.

foam seat?
Hi there,

thank you for responding to my post…excuse me but what is a foam seat?

would this foam seat fit any boat?

I have an older model fiberglass double Necky I would like to sell but it doesn’t have seats in it…in the old days (20 years ago) many fiberglass boats didn’t come with seats…When I purchased this double, the seats were rotted dense foam…

I look forward to your reply with great interest.

Nancy Kanu

and put a new one in. in fact they should be able to get it at a reasonable price, as seats should last the life of the boat, IMO.


Contact manufacturer?
Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? Sometimes they’ll sell a seat or maybe know where you can look.

There used to be a website that had seats from kayaks they scrapped. Can’t remember where that was.

Also, check out retailers for http://www.gokajaksport.com/Pages/fittings.html . Maybe one of those seats would fit.

Check it out

good instructions there.