where can i buy bungee cord by the ft?

any ideas? Who knew the stuff wouldn’t be available @ your local kayak/sport shops. Thanks

I buy mine
at a fabric store here in town, so I am sure you can do the same in your area.

ps - Buy black it last much longer, more UV resistant.

marine store…
…i buy mine at a local marine supply store…they have bulk cord by the foot.

CampMor gots plenty o’ sizes…

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of bungee cord. Dun't know iffin' dems mail order it, but ah' go thaar in poyson an' buys it by de foot.

P.S. Dat large diameter bungee cord woyks great at flingin' yer car fro' CampMor's lot back out onta Rt. 17 jus' like a steam catapult on an aarcraft carrier.


Bungee overload, plus all the fittings from the mothership:


Hardware store

every hardware store in my town has it

Different sizes by the foot

Atlantic Kayak Tours (http://www.atlantickayaktours.com/pages/retail/parts-repair/Bungee-Cord.shtml)

NRS (nrsweb.com)

Kayak Pro Shop (http://www.kayakproshop.com/cgi-kayakproshop/sb/productsearch.cgi?storeid=*169ce00aa443c06f07acfc6b79)

and lots of other places if you really cruise the web.

West Marine has it by the foot
and in different thicknesses and colors.

Jack L

Boatbuilding suppliers
…like CLC: http://www.clcboats.com/shop/products/boat-gear/rope-and-cordage/bungie-cord,%20shock%20cord.html

Post back if you do a price comparo. I’ve been paying 60 cents a foot for 1/4 inch bungee.

Not true
Not either big box, and Ace had something that was not appropriate (that I don’t recall).

ACE Hardware has it
in their Customer Service area . . . You have to ask for it.

I guess I was mistaken then if you say so. The stretchy cord wrapped in a fibrous sheath that is available in various diameters and colors must not be bungee cord. Hopefully you can tell me what I am buying if what I say is not true.

Great suggestions…but
We only have 1 hardware store and 2 box stores…none have bungee of any kind (w/hooks only ) and 1 bitty fabric store that has white. no thanks. No marina within an hours drive…i live in the sticks. but i will check the online sources provided. thanks for the input everyone.

didn’t see the ‘my’ in 'my town’
Sorry. But, you’re lucky. Differences must be related to geography and franchise choices. Like the guy below that says Ace has it at customer service counter. OK for that store, but mine does not. I asked, and came away empty.

Neocorp Grip-Rite
IS better bungee (shock cord). I find it lasts longer than the stock shock cord on most boats. I’ve noted stock shock cord loosing its elasticity and fraying much quicker than the Neocorp.

There are a number of sources on the web. I guess we’re lucky in being able to buy it from 2 local outfits (Adirondack Paddle’n’Pole and Atlantic Kayak Tours).

I asked.
They didn’t. Must vary by location.

it’s ok. Sometimes you have to ask for it, but my experience with it has shown its pretty common stuff.

It’s the best stuff out there…

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...and Neocorp is great to deal with. http://www.neocorp.com