Where can I create boat decals?

The decals that kayak manufacturers use to put their brand and model on kayaks … are of high quality to last (at least that is my impression). I would like to know what the specs are for such decal and whether there is an online vendor with whom I could create custom decals for my boats?

Anyone know?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Search Boat Lettering

but how will I know that the product is up to the high standards?

For example what would be the common specs for the lettering on NDK’s ? or Valley or P&H ?

I’ve gotten some vinyl cut outs made at Kinkos. They have a plotter like device with a blade that can cut incredibly tight radiuses. It comes with tape on one side and you rub it on with something. It’s as sticky as a bumper sticker but the vinyl is thinner. I’ve had them on the back of my car through the carwash or on a nalgene bottle in the dishwasher.

If you have Adobe Illustrator you can make it with that or have one of the kids at Kinkos make it while you watch.



Vinyl decals
Anything of the vinyl variety seem to work out ok as long as not in a heavy wear area of the boat. I’ve seen the basic mailbox letters hold up well. As stated above, there are quite a few online places that will let you send in the design and they’ll print to your specs. They often have minimums though.

Poly boats have the decals molded-in so they’ll never go anywhere. Most composite boats seem to use fairly basic vinyl decals.

photoshop + the right paper
Maybe if you can find the right adhesive-backed paper I’d try any graphics sw with right printer…?


Like this…

There’s hundreds of them out there. They are thinner than the old style vinyl boat lettering type of stuff. Totally waterproof and all that stuff. Do a search and your head will be spinning with all the sites.

Sign shop
Any local sign shop can do this for you. Same stuff as used for car and truck sign lettering.

I second the above -
Years ago, I had a sign shop cut my business logo and text in vinyl for my office signs. They have been out in the weather for years with virtually no visible wear.

Is part of the molding process
2 weeks ago I had a discussion with a kayak rep at my local outfitter. I was interested in the manufacturing process of different kayaks. The “decals” are the same type of plastic as the kayak. The “decal” is laid in the mold before the body plastic is injected into the mold, and the “decal” fuses to the body plastic.