Where can I find water temp data?

For lakes and streams? I’m in NC. Thanks.

Not Quite an Answer…
This doesn’t answer your question, but it is the site I use to check ocean temperatures on the east coast.


I’m not from NC but…
I would look here


Everything is “Mid-Forties” now
But seriously - here are some related (if not exactly temp infor) links, mostly flow data - I guess no one can afford a thermometer at all those stations?:




This one has some temp range - more fishing oriented:


US Army Corps of Engineers
I emailed Falls Lake & Jordan Lake. They referred me to the US Army Corps of Engineers since they control the dams. Check out this site http://epec.saw.usace.army.mil/neuse.htm Scroll down and choose “Todays daily report…” Water temps for Falls and Jordan are at 55 degrees according to this site.

I figured this was the info you were looking for since you’re in the Triangle.

another question, same topic
How do most here check the water temps? Thermometer? Index finger? Website?

One little piggie

So warm here I don’t bother
Some here think our winter 75 degree water is cold!

I push the ice aside and put hand in
or I go to one of many websites. Some USGS sites have temp data.

I also go here for Ocean temps. http://www.maineharbors.com/nh/nhzone.htm

The bouy data from that site is also pretty telling of surface water temps.

Online you can get satellite images of any part of the Great Lakes that show the surface water temperatures. www.coastwatch.msu.edu

Most NOAA (weather bureau) web sites have links to water temperature sites.

Also such as http://water.usgs.gov, its many statte divisions.

I’ve never measured temp, but…
…I have a thermometer made for fly fishermen that I’ve often thought would work well for paddling. It is about the size of a small pen with a pocket clip and a small keyring on one end. Its outer case is made of steel for durability. I’ve attached a short loop of cord that I wrap around my wrist so I don’t accidentally drop it in the water. You should be able to find one at a fly shop or order one from a place like Orvis, Feathercraft (the fly-fishing supply company, not the boat company), or Cabela’s.

buoy data or pool thermometer
For the great lakes I look up the buoy data, on small lakes I use a pool thermometer. The lake I currently paddle is 45 degrees.

Now why didn’t I think of that! Doh!