Where can I find....

Shock cord deck rigging at a reasonable price? The local marine stores near home want to charge over $1 per foot!

Shocking! That’s really a stretch !

Check out this thread

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The online stores discussed there have it available...

I know I have also seen it on rolls in my local hardware store (Ace Hardware). I can't recall what the price was and I don't know if it is exactly what you are looking for...

Check out your local REI . . .
or online, you can get it at reasonable prices at Hook1. Also, Pygmy boats sells it.

Northwest River Supplies

REI for some reason
is now selling (online) 3/16" in white. I see no utility in that. Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics is another good source, as is DuckWorks.


Neo Corp has great shock cord, it has an aggressive braid that grips really well.

two more
You can get it from EMS for about $0.40/foot, or from store.thekayakcentre.com


Seattle Fabrics

I usually use a local outdoor fabric store.Ragged Mountain in Intervale NH

for all the great suggestions, the webbing and plastic clips I’ve found browsing some of these sites will come in handy too!

Yep, www.neocorp.com
Their bungees it the best I’ve seen for holding items on-deck. Their prices and service are outstanding, too.

Of course, no bungee works as well as cord and sliders, but that’s another issue entirely.