Where can you find a Romany S RM

in the US? I remember seeing one at the Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium, but haven’t seen one since. Any dealers on the West Coast?

Try Body Boat Blade in East Sound,


There’s a used one…
…cpakayaker.com…also on paddleswap

Riverside Kayak Connection in
Wyandotte, Michigan. They had one a month or so ago.



west coast
I don’t think Wyandotte, Michigan is on the West Coast, not yesterday anyway.

Bill H.

This is true, but shipping to the west
coast may be less than the money saved by purchasing from a store that might be motivated to sell the kayak. Sometimes the discussion is not confined to the OP, nor should it be if other options exist. Bill

I agree
and appreciate the response. Although I disagree about the second part: any good deals out there should be strictly confined to me. :wink: