Where Can You Get Kayaks Wholesale?

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I have been authorized to purchase 10-20 (depending on price) recreational/touring kayaks for a summer camp program (ages 12-21) by July 19. I never paid attention in the past, but I know there are some reps here on the boards. I would like to get as many kayaks as possible within my budget. As such I will consider demos, leftovers, etc. Any suggestions are appreciated. Happy Fourth of July!

contact the companies themselves
most have livery programs.

Outdoor Rec Supply
Outdoor Rec Supply in Burlington Vermont specializes in providing canoes, kayaks and sailboats to summer camps across the country. They make special deals with the manufacturers and pass the savings on to the summer camps.

The contact there is Bob Schumacher 802-985-8283


Don’t get tandems if you can help it
Our local Girl Scout camp received grant money to buy new equipment. The goal was to give older girls opportunities beyond tandem canoes, Funyaks & paddle boats. What the camp ranger ordered were large-cockpit tandem kayaks and the girls hate them. They would rather take a Funyak.