Where did the 'got guns' thread go?

It’s not showing up in the ‘wilderness tripping’ section. There were 72 replies from 21 users, 479 views with 58 likes.
So some members found it useful and were reading/posting on it.

It’s showing up for me.

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Now it’s showing for me also. Weird. I added a comment, then when I went back to the main area of this forum (wilderness tripping ), it wasn’t there. I refreshed a few times, then went to another section, then came back and it still wasn’t here.

Maybe there was some maintenance going on here as it was late last night that that happened. Guess I’m used to people and/or posts/tweets just disappearing these days.

It just happened again, after my reply above. I replied to HD, then hit the back button and it wasn’t in the list of subjects here. Hit the refresh and it still wasn’t here. Then went to the advice board, clicked on a subject there, then got out of that and came back here via the “message boards” way and…it’s not here, but this one is.

Maybe clear your cache as the topic is there, unchanged.

I did. It happened last night and againt his morning.
So I ran errands and came back now. Went to the wilderness tripping thread and saw the guns one. So I logged in from the main wilderness tripping section and afterwards it automatically brings you back to the page you were looking at.
And that guns thread doesn’t show.
I used to be an admin at a board and am familiar with disqus. There’s what we’d call a “dumb ban” where the person would post but the only people that saw their post were themselves and the mods/admins. So I’d tell people if they weren’t getting any responses to their posts, to log out and shut the browser, cleaning the cookies. Then go back to the board and check for posts. If their posts aren’t there, log in and if they then appear, they are dumb banned. Tw*tter used to do a version of this called shadow banning, a bit different, but banning a person w/o their knowledge.

I’ll check the settings I have for that thread to see if anything special is there.

I found it. I muted the responses to that thread as my email mailbox was getting pretty full of notifications. If you mute a thread, it won’t show up. Pretty drastic, but that’s the way it works w/this system.
FWIW, I’m going to leave this thread up as it’s information people could use.

Maybe it shot itself in the foot.

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I responded to the original post, with 10 characters , I thought you were testing us.
The title was “10 Characters…” most responses were going war and peace length.
Peace J

There are more than 10 characters here.

welcome to the twilight zone
I see it

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As much as I value education, learning, I’ll take full opportunity of your request.
There is never a valid reason for someone to wind up shooting herself in the foot. That’s flunking hunter safety that kids are taught, tho some didn’t get that experience, which is why I help people out at the range.

There is a holster that locks the pistol in place–retention, which is important. To release it, as you draw you take your trigger finger and press down on the ‘button’ on the outside of the holster that will allow the pistol to be removed as you pull it out.
This is very dangerous as it takes a lot of training to NOT continue to drag your finger and have it wind up on the trigger. Throw stress into it and the probabilities go up of an ‘unintentional discharge’. For this reason a lot of pistol training courses prohibit that holster out of safety reasons.

I suggest that no one get that holster and instead get another one.

That was the software interferring with my creative juices. The original title was “Got Guns?” But some software geek w/no friends in a basement somewhere wrote this program to pass judgment that no thread title can have less than ‘ten characters’ as people will be too stupid to understand it.
So…I stuck it’s mandate first, then my subject header.

On a side note, reading some articles from news sites, I swear they are written by software

An NCO I worked with in the Army shot himself in the side of the foot. Said he dropped the pistol and it went off. Luckily, I guess, it was a .32.

People never in the military think that just because someone is a vet that they know about firearms and are competent with them. That’s not the case at all.

32? cheap pocket rocket? If so, then we can say that it at least could fire…once anyway. Lorcins are more dangerous thrown then attempting to shoot it.

Same with cops. The vast majority know nearly nothing about guns.


I agree Mike. The training of many PDs has gone downhill, but IMO that’s a reflection of the culture. And unfortunately people get hurt/killed because of it, cops included as cops are people too. That’s all I’m going to say as I don’t want to get political.

The US Supreme court affirmed that the police do NOT have a duty to protect the individual…so we need to be able to protect ourselves, be it in the wilderness or a downtown waterway.