Where do Canadians Sell Used Canoes?

I was hoping any Canadians on this forum would share the media they use to sell used canoes. As I buy, tinker and sell canoes as a hobby, I look on e-bay, Craig’s List, this forum and other places for unusual craft or good deals. Because I am in close proximity to the Canadian border, I can’t help but notice the rarity of a used canoe for sale there. What say you, Canadians, do you keep your canoes forever?

My Canadian friends in Ontario use Kijiji, which is the Canadian version of Craigslist. The Ontario Kijiji currently has over 1,000 ads under “canoe”.


Thanks @willowleaf ! That’s what I’m looking for !

You’re welcome. Looks like plenty of project boats and restoration candidates on there. I would wager that one out of 3 garages in Ontario has a vintage canoe in it.

So… Ya waana sell a canoo, eh? Why don’cha ask yer buddies down at the Horton’s?

…and being Canadian myself, I have licence to use this to it’s fullest advantage. :wink:

Definitely Kijiji.

Be prepared for a lot of “is it still available?” and “I’ll give ya 100 bucks cash and pick up tonight.”

Try to be patient. There are still decent buyers and sellers amongst the idiots.

Kijiji. Or some of the Canadian paddling boards like myccr.com