Where do I get advice on setting

up and running multi-class paddling races?

Need to find a paddling message board
Maybe surfski.com or the yahoo surfski group.

Do it every year on the Shiawassee

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What questions do you have ?
You'll need a small army of volunteers to pull it off.
Registration, Timing, Safety, Staging, Parking,
Shuttle Service, Awards trophies/ribbons, Etc., Etc.

Fastest go first, so no traffic jams occur,
and crowd gets some excitement to watch.

Schedule :
10:30 am : On-site registration
11:30 am : Introductory Ceremony
11:45 am : Experienced Canoeists Start
12:15 pm : Novice/Youth Canoeists Start
12:45 pm : Kayak/ Single person canoeists Start
***1:15 pm : Leisure/fun paddle Start *****
6:00 pm : Final river sweep completed


2013 Race Registration

Many right here on P-NET have done it
Lots of experienced paddlers have organized races with multiple classes or been participants in some. It’s not rocket science. Most of it is judge’s discretion on race day when you see how many of what type of boat you wind up with. Generally, most that I’ve been to have a 3 boat rule to make a separate class. You can also make separate classes based on age and gender. Usually it’s dependent on how many awards you have to give away.

If you want a good turn out, the key is promotion and advertising. Create a race website with online registration. Next, try to pick a date which doesn’t have a lot of other conflicting events which could siphon off racers. Last, pray for good weather.