Where do I go to see surf skis

short of Hawaii or South Africa?

just watch, or shop that has demos?
California definitely has a thriving surf ski scene.

Here are 2 race series:

Wavechaser Paddle Series


SoCalOceanRacing Series


And there are a few shops in CA that carry skis. California Canoe and Kayak in SF area and Ocean Paddlesports in Costa Mesa come to mind, but there are also others.

Was surprised to be up in Vancouver (BC) last summer and see a shop there that caries a lot of skis. If you find yourself in BC, check out Deep Cove Kayak Center.

paddle fests, clinics etc.
Depends where you are.

check the forum at surfski.info


Even though the PNW has lots of ski paddlers (relatively speaking) we only have two shops that carries skis, but mostly you have to contact the company rep directly.

Often you can find out who the rep is and then find out when they are doing a demo. Our local Fenn and Epic reps bring demo boats to many of our local races.

It’s not regular retail. I bought my V10 directly from the importer for the west coast.

Getting more popular
In MN, they are getting more popular. I see people out on the busy paddling lakes with them occasionally. I see them most often at races since they’re so fast. Thats a good place to try them out. there seems to be a lot of them in MO cause of the MR340; I find that kinda funny.

Surfskiracing.com is a good website, no forum though.


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Seen a few in the PNW
Just yesterday I saw 2 at the closest beach, and I’ve seen them occasionally while paddling. They’re not as common as regular sea kayaks but they are around. There are always some skis listed in the results from a local annual race.

Yep, a dealer in Kansas City, MO.
I bought a V6 from him last summer.

Several skis in the MR340.

Used ones come up for sale
often here. I get emails regularly from ski paddlers in my area that are selling there ski’s as they upgrade. String, I can keep my eyes open for them if you let me know what you’re looking for.


check out elite ocean sports
here is a link:


And this was posted at surfski info website:

Anyone head up or down I-95 through South Carolina or going to the Charleston area is welcome to stop by our warehouse (15 minutes of i-95) or contact me to meet up for a demo

It’s not the seeing that’s hard
It’s renting something unusual in your area that’s the tough part. Had that problem with sea kayaks in the Denver area, and now I am wishing I could rent a waveski without having to travel far.

I’ll Say it Again
The east and west coasts of the U.S each need a paddling town; a town where all things paddling are available. Sales and rentals. I think Wilmington, NC should be the east coast town because it’s centrally located and close to me.

That and Epic in Charleston, SC

Check major paddling shops
I know that the folks in Wickford RI had a couple of them at some point in the last few years. I bet you could get on the phone and find a serious outfitter shop within range, albeit maybe vacation range, that had one or two.

Perhaps here ?

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Race and demo this coming weekend too.


Rochester NY
Bay Creek paddling center.

They sell Epics. I did a race they sponsor on Lake Ontario called the Rochester Open Water Challenge. They offered a chance to demo and rent them for the race.

Jersey paddler
Carries surf ski’s. All Epic.

Even in Michigan

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Surfski events happen in the northern states too


Past 2 years in Kensington Metropark we've had a group
of surfski folks come out and race on the lake.

Northern Michigan shop


There’s a shop in Boca that’s been around for quite a while that deals in many things fast kayaking. Grayhawk and I got our Knysna (South Africa) Isthmuses from Bruce Gibson, there.


Your brother -if he’s still in South Florida -might be able to swing by and see Bruce’s warehouse and give you a what’s up about the operation.

Or, y’all could come down yourself, bring your own ride along, and then come a tad farther south so we could all get together again (it’s been too long) and


-Frank in Miami

The closest to you would be Epic
down in Charleston.

Or you could check out the NC canoe Racing ASSn Schedule or the Florida Competition Paddling Assn schedule.

There are always some surf ski’s that show up

jack L

Charles River Canoe & Kayak Newton
MA, is where I go for surfskis when not in Hawaii. In fact, a surfski (Stellar SEL) I rented from them last Summer, came in 3rd in the women’s division of the Blackburn Challenge. Overall, good service, selection and friendly staff.