Where do i look for someone to go paddling with?

im fairly new to kayaking and kayaking fishing, just bought an inflatable fishing kayak a month or so ago, have had it out two days and i just really enjoy it but would be better if i had well someone to go with, been looking for a group/club in my local area and well just is not one to be found except this site which well it is what it is. i don’t think on here would be the rite place to be looking for others to well im not asking even though it did state under this category :looking for someone to go paddling with?" i take it that is if your are in the united states of America and im in the east coast of canada. yes i have tried looking on meetup.com nothing even close to my local area for kayaking meetups, closest one half way across country in Ontario, im not joining that one so perhaps might have to start my own or something i dont know. just for the hey of it im in N.S Canada.

Rule of thumb: If you need someone to go with you paddling, you’re not likely to go paddling very often. Some paddlers get a dog.

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Facebook groups


I am in NS too. The local Kayak dealers may have some clubs, honestly I have never asked them. Taking courses is a good way to establish contacts as well. It was the same here for scuba diving, the more classes you took the more “buddies” your acquired.

https://ckns.ca/ You can look here as well.

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Added advantage in Oldboo’s idea, you know other folks to paddle with who know basic skills and probably know a few basic rescue techniques too.

I agree, which is why I solo most of the time. Dog’s gotta stay at home though because he sinks.

Dogs should wear an appropriate sized K-9 PFD just as a human should wear his/hers/its.


I do the vast majority of my paddling solo. Both kayak and canoe. Solo on popular waterways and solo on back county wilderness trips.
I actually prefer the solitude. You go at your pace. Full out sometimes, slow and exploring others. Hit the water on your schedule and nobody distracting me from nature or the paddling.
Then again, I’ve been social distancing as much as possible since long long before it was cool.


You could try MEC MEC Gear Swap Page | MEC
Unfortunately it’s not a very active board. Another option is local outdoors clubs - even if not specifically for paddling. A lot of paddlers are into hiking, climbing etc. so through the club you might meet someone who is also a paddler.

Kayak shops may know. Also if you’re in an inflatable and other person has a faster sea kayak it doesn’t work well. Social media connects everything for good and bad now.


He’s too big for anything that has a paddle. I don’t think it’d even be a good idea in my ski boat. Camp guard would be in his title somewhere.

You might try Craig’s List Personals. caveat…at your own risk.

Oh man, that’s a tough one. None of my friends or family are “into” kayaking at all, maybe an occasional paddle here and there but that’s it. I found people to paddle with by doing classes and going to skill sessions and such. It’s funny but you quickly find out that almost everyone knows everyone else and it’s a great group of people across all skill levels. I’ll go to buy a boat from someone I’ve never met before but they will know all the same people I do. I highly recommend finding classes to do, even if they are things you already know.

I also just go paddling by myself a few times a week after work, just to get out on the water. I treat these sessions as training, I will do a few laps, get my miles in then work on some rolls or self-rescues etc. It can be really nice out there by yourself, I have now earned the begrudging “respect” from the local eagle, loons, a beaver and random geese. Well the beaver I am still working on, he still disappears pretty quickly :slight_smile:

Basically, try not to wait for others to get out on the water. If you can get out by yourself safely then just make a point of doing it! You’ll increase your skills, find your joy and figure out all the things you like/don’t like about your boat and gear, which will help you target quality of life improvements etc. Find some classes or skill sessions and you’ll find others to paddle with, just don’t let that be a gate on your paddling.

Also really jealous of your location, that is beautiful country up there!