where do you keep your helmet?

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Sea kayakers

Were do you keep your helmet if you want access to it but don't wear it all day?

Front deck? Back deck? Between your legs?

And how do you fasten it down?


helmet location
I keep mine on the deck behind my seat. I’d like to find a better place to put it though. It can be cumbersome to retrieve at times…

Same as above
Clipped thru the back deck rigging, if I really can’t stand wearing it any longer because the headache is making me blind after several hours.

But for sea kayaking - my better plan for this coming season is to get a more adjustable (and expensive) helmet that I can wear all day without the pain. It’s really the only long term solution.

In front of my feet
I often put it opening down on the floor of the cockpit area in front of my feet next to the front bulkhead. It doesn’t move around in any way that bothers me. However, if I am going out in an area with waves and rocks, for example, I just put it on before launch. I am used to wearing it from WW and don’t mind also wearing it while sea kayaking.

day hatch
i have seen others…

to a piece of bungie that spans your rear deck attach a short lenght of bungie in the center of the span and attach a toggle to the end of it…then take the helmet and place it over that short bungie and pull that bungie and toggle through one of the holes in the top of the helmet…spin the toggle horizontal and le tthe bungie snap back down so that the toggle is across the hole in the top of the lid. the tension will hold it down. when it gets bumpy enough that you need to worry about it washing off…maybe you put it on.

thought that was rather clever.

if i am going to play then i just wear it nostop…makes no matter to me if i look like a storm trooper…

i use a Lidds helmet…sadly it will not fit in the day hatch…i am used to wearing it for hours on end surfing…

get a cmofy one and wear it…then you have no worries about trying to get the thing on quickly either…


thanks, great tip!

Inside for me
Dangling from your bungies by the straps, it makes a dandy sea anchor if you need to roll. Don’t ask why I know this.


The day hatch is perfect for the helmet.
I keep my helmet in my day hatch. In that way I can get it out when I need to.


Front Deck
On a Fishers Island tide race trip recently, I clipped the helmet into the bungies on the front deck (after we started back to the CT shore put-in).

This spot seemed to work fine - it was forward enough not to bother the paddle stroke, and it was readily reached if I’d needed to put it back on.

The only drawback - it does not look as cool.


I keep mine in a hatch until I need it. Then during the day, if I want to take it off for a while, I put it inside in front of my seat. I have no problem with it being in the way or anything.

Get a comfortable helmet & just wear it
I used to fasten my chin strap to the bungies on the front deck. Then I got a WRSI helmet and after fiddling with the fit for several hours, I can now wear it all day long.

Predator General Lee
Celia: just a thought, but I bought a Predator General Lee like this one:


It is about $100 less than the Sweet helmet that looks identical to it andyet it has the baseball style and plenty of foam for various thikcnesses for custom fit. Consider it.

Bohemia, I keep my helmet strap locked arund my back deck bungies.