Where/How - Dry Top Recycling

I have a Stohlquist Grip-Lock dry top that I bought used 2 years ago. It was in fair condition when I got it. I’ve had to patch some inner linings with TenaciousTape (misnomer) and those have torn more. The latex gaskets are chipping and have lost their original sizing. I only paid $65 for it. I’m ready to chuck it.

How or where would I recycle something like this dry-top?

There is no commercial channel for recycling something like this.

If you can sew, use the fabric to make something useful.

Drop it in one of the clothes donation bins at gas stations or supermarkets. Someone will find a use for it.

Cut it up to repair other gear
There must be some salvageable material left - places where the material is still good enough to patch a tent, latex that can be added as a patch over something else via Aquaseal… if you do enough outdoor stuff I bet you an find a way to use it as patches.

Thank for the tips - will recycle it…
at home.


Some guy in Africa will really look good in it.

Give it to a beginner paddler
A young kid or older kid would love to have it.

It may not be dry any more bit is still a good paddling jacket.