Where in east TN?

I am looking for a 2-3 day canoe/camping trip in or around knoxville/east TN. anyone have recommendations?



E. Tennessee
Not sure exactly what kind of water you want to be on but… Maybe check out the Cumberland-Big South Fork. A group of us are going from Station Camp to Blue Heron (19 miles in two day… but we’re fishing. You could also do Leatherwood Ford to Blue Heron (27 miles) From the reports it is a class I and II depending on water level. You can check out the outfitter we are using… Sheltowee Trace

I have backpacked their many times. I was also looking at some of the boat only campsites on the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.


East Tn

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Come on down and run these rivers. Hiwassee,Ocoee,over to bryson City NC and Natahala River. Come back over the Smokies and catch the Tellico River. There is also the run off of the Smokey Mountains in Townsend,Tn called Little River. Visit the www.sportsmanconnection.com looking for the books on Tennessee. You can download the data there for a price or buy the book. The GPS locations are there also. Inside you will find needed data for setting up your trip. Visit www.TSRA.com a Nashville based club and also WWW.tennesseevalleycanoeclub.com. Visit www.tennesseewildlifeagency.gov.(TWRA). Search any tennessee,canoeing and find data. There is US TVA website also with data. The city od Chattanooga,Tn has a blueway and is referenced on the city's site. Need more send an email and I will find further