where in MD ?? used OT 12' Pack

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..... nephew is considering one , where are good places in MD to shop for a used one ??

What do you think about the OT 119 ??

The 12' Pack is Rx (32 lbs.) , aprox. $1000-1100 new ... the OT 119 is 3 layer poly (49 lbs.) , aprox. $500-600 new .

Just wants to use it as quick drop fishing boat for sheltered places , lily pads , back coves , small ponds , etc. ... he's maybe 260 lb. and 6'-3" .

Give a yell if something comes up over the winter , ok ...

Chip , any ideas ??

$1000-$1100 fer a Pack! Gadzooks!
Ah’ paid $399 brandy new fer mine… albeit in 1998.

Never had a boat dat ah’ sold wit-in a year except fer de Pack. We’z jus’ didn’t git along too well.

Might try callin’ Joisey Paddler in Brick, NJ(within a day’s drive fro’ MD) an’ see iffin’ dems got a used one in dem’s boat yard.

Good luck.


Annapolis Canoe and Kayak
They carry a decent selection. Not sure about OT. Also, a bit of a drive, but Appomattox River Co. Might have more choices. This time of year, the rental establishments at Key Bridge in DC are selling off their canoes, kayaks, and SUPs too. Google them to find out.

I found a camo OT 119 in NE PA. Used once. Might be worth a day trip.


Search tempest covers all ebay and craigslistings…much faster than individual craigslists.

Dick’s Sporting Goods…
sells the 119. Saw one there last summer in camo for $399. brand new…just an FYI.

Price up to 429
at Dicks but seems the guy in NE Pa is wishful…The Pack of course would be lighter but more costly.

nephew’s got this post link now …

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...... he's already checked Dick's for a OT 119 and feels hard to beat for the price .

I like the idea of the considerably lighter 12' OT Pack , and it's Royalex ... but the OT 119 is a bit deeper all around , a little shorter but a tad narrower , and does cost considerably less .

I suggested he look for a nice used OT 12'Pack , and since he's wanting it for fishing , the Angler version has that better seating setup plus a few other goodies (if you want to call them that) .

The usual places
I know a couple of Pack paddlers and they love the little boats.

I don’t know if there is a go-to place to find a used OT Pack. There’s the usual suspect: craigslist, a crap shoot at best. I suggest that nephew also register for local canoe clubs’ forums and post a note that he is looking. You never know if somebody has one in their fleet and are maybe thinking “I oughta sell that Pack, I never use it.” Somebody posting they are looking for one may draw one onto market.

Nephew might also call canoe shops and tell them he is looking. I looked at Blue Mountain Outfitters on-line inventory but didn’t see one. Jersey Paddler comes to mind.

I didn’t look in p-net classifieds, but you probably already thought of that.

Sorry to not be able to offer more help.


thanks all …
… nephew says probably March is when he expects to buy one …

Checked BMO also Chip , no 12’ Pack canoes but saw some decent prices on a few other nice canoes though . Posting at local clubs to find a nice Royalex 12’ Pack is a good idea , doubt he’ll go to that route though .

He’s pretty much thinking the OT 119 cause of the price new at Dicks . The one kayamedic showed in NE PA has an angler seat , but the drive is too far since the asking price is same as new .

I’m going to give Annap. a call just for fun anyway , I was talking w/him about an Rx Tripper not to long ago .

Well , if anything comes up please give a yell … talk w/ya all later .