Where in Us? Continued

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Following up air temp of between 50 -78 is perfect
Water temp warm enough to not have to wear various suits to protect you.
San Diego seems coming out on top.
Any thoughts on Asheville NC area? Outdoor Magazine describes as River City.
When Southern Appalachia is mentioned could you name a town or two?
Thank you
Please notice I added on to first post.

San Diego - colder than you think
Water in San Diego usually drops below 60 in October, and goes down to about 55 by mid winter, climbs above 60 in may, rarely gets up to 70 in late july. With cool air temps in the 40s many days and water 55 in the winter you will need a wet suit or a dry suit.

The southeastern coast is pretty nice
The SE coast is pretty nice, but I wouldn’t expect to see you out all that much given your requirements. The clear skies, warm water, and room temperature crowd isn’t as active as they think they are anywhere really. But that’s no reason not to take advantage of what you can.

In SE NC, we have 56 degree water temperature reported right now for the coast. We have around 70 degree air temperature this weekend, but it’s varied between the 20’s and 70’s this week, and those are pretty much your winter extremes right here. 70’s to 90’s are the extremes here on the coast in the summer. Typically humid 80’s. The water temperature climbs into the 70’s by May, 80’s by June, and hangs in the lower 80’s into October, and in the 70’s usually into November I think .

It’s a really nice temperature range as far as I’m concerned. But being a person who’s always had what I needed to be outdoors, whatever the weather, since I was a small child, I can attest that the fair weather crowd still remains cooped up quite a bit.

Ashville will be quite different over in the mountains. It has an outstanding reputation among everyone I’ve known. A great place for an active lifestyle. You might find yourself running a few more aggressive rapids before long.

One of the worst snowstorms
I ever drove through was in Asheville. Often the mountain roads are impassable.

Usually nice, but you do get a taste of winter now and then. Its relatively high which makes it more on a par with more northern cities.

for those air temps year around
You are going to need to look at states that end with orida. Southern California would probably work. Could go to Hawaii or virgin islands.

Ryan L.

Wilmington, NC
I’ve given a lot of thought to this because I can’t stand northern winters anymore. My research turned up Wilmington, NC, as a good place to spend winters, but not summers.

Depends on what your criteria are, but mine are related to outdoor activities plus having access to services.

SF Bay Area abounds in places to paddle, and many rivers nearby. Sloughs, lakes, reservoirs, ocean, bays, esteros - the water is usually between 50 and 65 degrees most of the year and air temps average what we used to call “fall” and “spring” back East. There are many microclimates where the air temp ranges much farther, so where you are matters. Outdoor weather almost every day of the year pretty much everywhere.

Problem is cost of housing, so you have to pick your areas for climate and housing, but nothing is really far away for recreation of almost every kind.

I’ve lived in NY, NC, FL as well. None of those have year round paddling weather or waters - sorry folks. NY has really long cold winters and hot humid summers. NC has quite cold but short winters and long humid very hot summers. FL is fine in the winter on the water and great water temps all year, but half the year it’s unbearable in the hot humid air!

Check the NOAA water temps, the meetup.com paddling groups, the launching site maps for everything around the SF Bay Area and you’ll see that I"m not blowing smoke.

I kind of think…
that’s why folks buy those big RV’s. Finding perfect weather year 'round needs mobility.

Florida isn’t probably for you, but the summers here are less hot than much of the south. We see lots of mid 90’s, very rarely triple digits. The temps rise until 11 am or so, then the clouds roll in, and hopefully rain. Then the rest of the day is in the 80’s. Humid? Well, we got that. Water temps? Good to perfect.

Besides, we paddle, right? Fall out of the boat once in a while, and life is good.


Some like it hot
I am one of them. FL appeals to me. Yes it gets hot but near the beach it rarely gets super scorching hot. For example, Sarasota has hit 100 only once since they started keeping records. If the 90s are too hot for you, then yeah, it is too hot. But if you are okay with them for about 5 months (and still not every day) then it’s fine. The high humidity is not as bad as a lot of people say. 90% humidity generally only occurs in the early morning. As the temp climbs during the day, the humidity drops pretty substantially. Look it up; 90% at 90 degrees is pretty much a myth outside a lab. Inland cities in the south actually have higher temps and mid day humidity than FL coastal towns during the summer (again, look it up; don’t take my word for it). The city-data site is a good place to find that sort of info, BTW.

Different strokes…LOL
For his specified preferences, FL would not fit the bill. It obviously does yours and many others. Didn’t fit for me either for 5-6 months every year. He specifically wanted year round at more temperate temps.

Southern Appalachia
The southern Appalachian region is best if you enjoy river paddling. Although there are plenty of lakes, most of them are impoundments of rivers. Some are quite nice, and others are overrun with motorized boat traffic.

Many of the rivers are naturally free-flowing, at least in part, and many have rapids that require some whitewater skill and experience. Although it is some distance from the ocean, Nag’s Head on the Outer Banks is an easy day’s drive from the Asheville area.

Winters are typically of relatively short duration although cold snaps and snow storms are always possible. Summer heat is moderated at the mountain elevations.

But there is no place I know of where you can avoid hot, humid summer conditions and still expect to paddle year round without using protective clothing in the winter months.

If you are interested in the southern Appalachian area, the general region bounded by Asheville, NC, Greenville, SC, Chattanooga, TN, and Knoxville, TN would do fine.

Myth ?
" Look it up; 90% at 90 degrees is pretty much a myth outside a lab. "

Except when it rains of course.

You should visit Japan, my friend if you like to steam.