Where is Big Rock Portage?

I recently completed a short kayaking trip near Killarney, Ontario, Canada - on the shores of Philip Edward Island. In the process, we tried in vain to find the approx. 400m portage that goes in behind “Big Rock”. We found a few rocks that looked like someone put them there, but no sign whatsoever of a trail in any of the nearby bays.

Can anyone send or point me to a GPS track showing the exact location? Considering that Lake Huron is up almost 1m (3ft) this year, I wonder if it wasn’t partly under water.


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disclaimer we did not take it nor try to find it last month.
It wasn't that rough that we felt we had to find the portage for safety

Its between Big Rock Bay and Garbage Bay


you will have to mouse and drag a bit east to find it. It shows as 550 m.

Duh… Jeff’s Map!
Thanks for that. I knew of Jeff’s map but didn’t realize it covered Philip Edward Island as well.

Whoa !

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Search: GPS COORDINATES map apps

not that useful ....

Tried the Fed's converter ?


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this appears to be about the east side of the portage,
45.9548 -81.2726

"datatroll" has really ruined this forum.

I had a look at your coordinates and they match exactly with the east end of the portage according to Jeff’s Map. Looking at high resolution aerial photography it also corresponds with where three of us were out of our boats climbing around in the brush trying to find the trail. :wink:

I’m convinced all obvious signs of it were under water.

I reported some of the previous nonsensical replies to my question. I do appreciate the legitimate ones.

I have the most experience with
Jeff’s Algonquin map which seems to be the mnost accurate of all the Algonquin maps out there ( there are two other widely published ones).

He says he does his best to field check his maps but inaccuracies are always possible.

On our circumnavigation of PEI I didn’t pay much attention to where we were… just kept the big water to the right and the rocky stuff to the left. So I can’t tell you if it is marked, submerged or what

If all

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Were under water...how can you ID the area ?

From the Bushes ?

Uneeda GPS

Using NOAA or Canadian map as foundation for tracks is possible ?

Maybe but adding software connecting mouse action to coordinate roll out ... apparently a next level system or 3.

If there's n app for that ...maybe not an app, given the initial look at the lake there will be several explainations

From the aerials, the trail is historic in use age, obvious. There may be photos, skeletons, castaway debris, Bud cans ...

Here is what we did in Wabakimi
we were reopening some trails historically used by First Nations but not maintained in many years… maybe thirty years. Stuff grows fast.

Take a map. Think like a portage ( where would I be?) Shortest line between two points? Maybe

Why is there a need for a portage? Lake to Lake or avoiding a rough seas point ( as in this case)

Over a ridge vs slogging in the lowlands… Yes.

Get out of the boat and start reconnoitering( apparantly that was the missing link here. And I did not look either). You can bet that a portage trail that hasn’t been used by man has been used by game so there ought to be some sort of path. Look for old axe blazes on trees ( we found some from the fur trade days)

You don’t need a computer and you don’t need a sign and you don’t need a GPS unless you want to want to mark its location for future work parties.