Where is everybody?

Date line Chesapeake Bay 6-10-06 1600 hrs…

Big inlet, lots of houses…lots of boats…

No one out on the water!!!

Ok, the powerboats, I understand gas is very expensive. However, I counted 20 sea kayaks up on people’s docks…in the month that I have been going to this one area on the bay, I have never seen one out on the water (any time of the week).

I am wondering if kayaking is like most other things that require physical agility, people buy it, realize it requires work …and let it collect dust?

If anyone lives in MD…please pass along if you know of any sea kayaking hot spots on the bay.

I am totally against the Potomac River…aka the national sewer drain (will save that for another day).

Would love to know if people are experiencing the same problem in other parts of the country. In MD, alot of boats haven’t even come out of their winter shrink-wrap. On one hand it is good for kayaking and quiet water, on the other hand it gets boring.


Dude… where were you on the 11th???

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There were about 30 of us doing safety for the GREAT CHESAPEAKE BAY SWIM at the bridge above Annapolis.

I know it was windy as hell on the 10th. w/small craft advisory. That may explain your loneliness.

BTW, there were about 30 of us at the POTOMAC RIVER SWIM on the previous weekend volunteering as support for the 7-1/2 mile swim. If you are so distressed about the Potomac, come out next year to support the swim (swimmer's sponsor procedes go toward cleaning the Potomac.)

We have found same
But we’re not complaining. We go for three weeks the last few years to a cabin we rent on the shores of a cove in Muscongous Bay in Maine, and it seems ever since we got the full length sea kayaks and can make good distances we hardly ever see anyone else. A group from the Audubon site over on Hog Island or a kayaking B&B in Friendship once in a while, and that’s mostly it. We have noticed that it takes the second good day of weather in a row to see much other kayaking traffic on the water.

But we’re not complaining. We’ve found that we can get a prime campsite on one of the private MITA-managed islands by getting out on that first day of good weather for an overnight.

We’ve also started connecting with other paddlers now, something that has taken time and some work on making our own skills a little more credible. (tho’ I have miles to go)

Thanks for the reply
I see that I am guilty of believing the brochures and the dealers…talking like kayaking is the in thing right now.

Regardless, I love to do it. I work with alot of people who think it is a waist of time. I try explaining to them that it is my form of a motor cycle. Guys need a toy…I like my toy because it gets me away and dosen’t use gas =)

Thanks for the replies!

and no…ummmmm…still won’t do the potomac …thanks for the suggestion!

every day
I go out for a workout on the lake a mile from my house. If you go in and out of the little inlets designed to provide more water space for the houses there, it is 8 and a half miles all told. Straight shot up and down the two lakes with a bridge in between is about 5 and a half miles.

there must be at least 25 sit on tops and a couple of sit insides ranging from perceptions, Old Town Otters, Ocean kayaks and Hobie crafts. In the year that I have been doing this (almost every day mind you) I have seen one otter on the water, and on one Sunday, two 14 ft. sea kayaks came to the public put in but they were not from there. Otherwise, there are small fishing boats with electric motors sometimes in the mornings.

Oh I forgot, there was a leaky inflatable with two teen age girls once that I watched struggle to get back to shore. Other than that all those 500 dollar plus boats are lawn ornaments. It’s sad really. I wish there were more out there. I would love the company.


Don’t know about other places
but the amt. of folks paddling around western new york is growing by leaps and bounds.

I normally paddle early mornings (it simply works for me…retired etc.)

The other evening I cycled past a local putin and thought there was a paddle fest going on or something…had to be 30 paddlers winding down the creek.

Then it dawned on em…A good portion of folks WORK days.

As for not seeing power boats or water lice out…YeHAAA!:>))