where is Northern Lights paddles

Friend was asking about where to buy carbon fiber GP’s. I suggested NL only to perceive Paul is no longer making/selling. He is very knowledgeable, passionate and professional. Anyone know if NL is still up and running?

Website statement:
"Northern Light Paddles are on hiatus

"For those that have paid for paddles refunds are being issued as soon as i am able. I still need to refund a few paddles and this is going to take me some time as I have taken on a regular job to do so. I sincerely apologize to those that have waited for such a long time. My only excuse is that I believed the timelines given to me by those who were working on the production of the paddles and these delays after delays have depleted any resources I had. I will not rest until every paddle has been refunded in full.

"Again I apologize sincerely.



Superior Brand
Buy Superior carbon Greenland. Strong and much less weight. 22 ounces two piece take apart. Had mine now about 2 years. Best carbon Greenland out there. I have tried others including Northern Light.



are down trending


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Have been trying out carbon paddles
from Norway and Sweden. Not sure of the brand. Geatlab in Taiwan makes some nice ones as well. My friend gets samples all the time and I get to try them.

People have been after me for years to start offering Greenland paddles in carbon. Might have to think about that again in the new year. Though the wood paddle sales are having their best year ever for me this year as it is.

+1 on the GearLab carbon paddles. Excellent build quality, and the ability to order a colored paddle takes away one of the concerns I have with plain black carbon sticks when paddling in an area where powerboaters are prevalent.