Where is the best place to buy hatches?

I would like to add some dry hatches to an OK Frenzy and Malibu Two, but when I look on the OK web site their “Gaspachi” hatches are really expensive. I have run accross some 6" and 8" hatches on the Bass Pro Shop web site that seem to be better deals, but I can’t help but think there are better places to buy these things online and I’m just not finding them.

Are there a certain style/brand that are better than others and sell for decent price? I want something that will be somewhat durable, easy to access, and stay sealed - but won’t cost a fortune. Maybe I’m asking for too much heh.

Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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I have no affiliation with them. I've just heard good referrals from satisfied customers.

I buy my accessories for modifying my boats mostly from NRS, which doesn't carry those hatches, or from Blue Mountain Outfitters in Marysville, PA.

If you are anywhere near Marysville, PA (just a few miles north of Harrisburg), they're worth a drive. They'll also ship. I cannot recommend Blue Mountain Outfitters highly enough.


If you can't visit in person, you're better off calling and talking to a person than relying on the web site.

I'm not affiliated with BMO either, except as a satisfied customer.

- Big D