Where is the Wilderness Systems at?

I’ve been looking to try and get my son a wilderness Systems Tsunami 145, but nobody and I mean nobody seems to have one, or even can get one let alone order one.

anyone know what is up or has contact info for Wilderness Systems tried calling confluence directly and no answer.

EDIT#1: Well I did finally get through to confluence… and they are on a three month backlog* they are making boats but it’ll take a bit to get into the supply chain and of course it could take longer.

I asked my local dealer if he could try putting in an order and let’s see what happens. Either it works or it doesn’t So we’ll see what they say.

Edit#2: My local dealer tried to make an order, and orders are done for the season. (and we’re not even in the season.)

Though he was able to give me a line to another dealer who might have one.

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They have a lot of dealers. At least one of them should be able to tell you what the production status is for the company’s models, though you are looking to buy one ahead of the usual main season and at the end of a huge disruption in manufacturing and the shipping of large goods. I have 3 WS dealers within a half hour of my location but none o f them is heavily stocking or promoting kayaks yet – they are all running sales on winter and skiing gear to make room for the Spring stock. But I used to work in the outdoor sports outfitter biz and this would be the time of year they are placing orders for paddling gear. I seriously doubt whether an independent outfitter (not a big box sporting goods store – forget about customer service with them) would be unwilling or unable to check with the manufacturer on what the future availability would be.

It is not surprising that you can’t find a specific boat in stock exactly when you want it particularly in the off season.

They’re incredibly popular kayaks. If you can’t find a dealer local to you that has one, you may want to check out used listing on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, or similar. I bought both mine and my girlfriend’s Tsunami 165s of FB Marketplace, and I see the 145 pop up every now and then. They also sell for a lot lower than the new price, like half price or better.

Nothing Even local. I think the nearest one used was 100+ miles away and was rashed all to hell.

I have seen several on Craigslist over the last few months… which part of the country are you in? (I usually only check the east coast.)

Hoping to get in early order but no-one can even get orders.

Maybe Pelican (who now owns the brand) will be backing out of the touring kayak business. They seem to be planning to expand their business holdings in different directions per this article from last July. Maybe you shouild start looking for a used Tsu 145 or broaden your choices to other brands’ products:


For what it’s worth… a buddy of mine manages a retail store that specializes in outdoor stuff. He tells me that touring kayaks don’t sell now; just fishing kayaks… so that’s what he carries.

Where are you located, Craig?

No 145s in stock at the moment but there are some built and shipping to our retail business in the Chicago area within the next couple of weeks. If there’s no other dealer close to you, feel free to DM me for deets.

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Check FB Marketplace, Craigslist, or paddling.com classifieds. They are regularly for sale used in most general areas of the US.


I had no idea all those were rolled up now.
I guess I’m behind the times. Perception/Dagger I knew… but man!

I’m not sure this is good news for us, the consumers.

Yes, where are you located and how far are you willing to go? A shop not far from me had one months ago and I would not be surprised if they still had it. Mainly SOT and fishing boats sell here. Central AR

REI actually has the Tsunami 145 listed right now.

I’m just outside the Philly area, about halfway between Philly and Lancaster.

I just saw that thanks, I’d prefer to exhaust my options first with the little outfitters, you know shop local, shop small before I fall back to the big box stores.

I’d also shop used. I see Tsunamis come up on CL and FBMP very frequently. You’ll save a lot and thus be able to afford a better paddle!

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I totally understand (and agree). You sounded like you had already exhausted all other resources, so I thought I should throw it out there. Happy hunting!

Current listings (maybe a bit too far for you):

Beautiful Yellow Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 Kayak+paddle &… (craigslist.org)

Tsunami 165 Kayak - boats - by owner - marine sale (craigslist.org)

I know nothing about these listings or the sellers involved.

Also, in this thread:

Kayak recommendations…beginner boat that I wont grow out of right away - Advice - Paddling.com

@jamorgan3777 mentioned that there were Tsunami 145s available at Canoecopia this last weekend. Perhaps he could let us know who had them and you can check with those dealers/persons.