Where is this NC river and section?

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Anyone know where this is?

That's me upfront, 25 years ago. It was some river around Asheville, NC. The college I went to offered a semester long open boat canoeing course and we ran several rivers. Would love to find it and run it again in a blackfly. Any help appreciated!

my best guess-
a drop on section three of the chattooga river- somehow the way the rock ledge looks to me reminds me of section three

google some images of section III and see what you think- river is a bit south of asheville on the ga/sc line- very beautiful run

closer to asheville is the french broad, I’ve only boated on a small part of it once (after a laurel run) so maybe check out some photos of frank bell rapid and kayakers ledge rapid

doesn’t remind me of the nolichucky or ocoee and I’m not familiar with any of the green- not even sure that was a popular run as the photo was taken some time ago.

Agree Chattooga section III second ledge

The Nantahala River, Bryson City
I ran that with my son in an Old Town Discovery 158, and also by myself in a little nine foot long Perception Keowee.

(Both times in my younger crazier days)

Jack L

Kayak Falls on the French Broad
Would be my guess.

Second Ledge it is!
looks like second ledge for sure. Thanks!

probably Chatooga Section III
I agree that it is most likely second ledge on Chatooga Section III.

Kayaker’s Ledge on Section IX of the French Broad River is a drop of very similar height and it just possibly could be it.

It is not the Nantahala. Of that I am pretty certain.

photo op

the wide section ledge with the center blown out was impressive in morning mist …having the time to look around in queue

Here is a photo of Second Ledge on Section III of the Chatooga River:


Here is one of Kayaker’s Ledge on Section IX of the French Broad River:


Your photo definitely suggests Second Ledge on the Chatooga. The wash over rock at the right side of the drop is pretty characteristic.

I was basing my guess on the comment
“It was some river around Asheville, NC”

The Chatooga Section III isn’t that close to Asheville, NC while the French Broad is.

And I was basing mine on the Nantahala
river at the Falls which is not too far from Asheville.

That looks like a carbon copy of where we used to run them many years ago.

It would be nice if the OP recognized any of the names and came back to let us know.

Jack L