Where paddle in Philadelphia

I am working know in Philadelphia, I am European.

I would like information about shops, clubs and beautiful places to paddle near Philadelphia

Is there any club to place your kayak?

Write to surfeando_jaws@yahoo.es

Thank you

Some Info
Hi Lupin:

I used to live in Bucks County. There are some great places to paddle along the Delaware River in Lower Bucks County close to you. Even a couple of spots with Class II whitewater near New Hope, Scudder Falls. The Canal alongside the Delaware is also nice to paddle. Tohikon Creek has whitewater paddling during high water releases. I was not into Surfing when I lived in PA, but have since learned there are several people who surf on the Jersey Shore 1 hour east of you. Check out www.boatertalk.com/surfzone and www.uswaveski.com. The Pine Barrens in NJ have good still water paddling. Cape May and Delaware Bay also have good paddling. In Philly itself there is the Schulkill River, there is a very active paddling club there, there is also a very active paddling club on the Delaware river in Bucks County.

Pine Barrens
Living in Philly you are very close to some great paddling opportunities in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. There are several paddling clubs in South NJ such as the OCSJ (outdoor club of south jersey, and the jersey shore sea kayak association (jsska). Additionally there are two great paddling shops in south jersey to check out - Bel Haven Canoe and The Jersey Paddler, both of which of classes, tours, and arrange group events.

Welcome to the area and good luck!!

Don’t overlook

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the Schuylkill River. I have a friend who has been running trips in Manyunk around the breweries and also farther up below Phoenixville. They are enjoyable paddles. Lake Nockamixon is another spot with laid back nature paddling. Depends on what you are looking for.


Hi Lupin,

I know Philly very well since I have lived here for the past 40+ years. Our club (no membership fees) is extremely active and offers all different types of paddling. What kind of paddling waters are you looking for?

Here is a link to our Group:


If you prefer, you can email me directly if you need additional info. I would be glad to help you out.

jeffrey dot pringle at juno dot com

here the answer
http://home.comcast.net/~wwrivrrat/padzone.htm also try south jersey out door club

sea kayak
I practised sea kayaking in Spain but I would like to paddle here in any kind of paddling like sea, river, whitewater…I like a lot surfing.

Any recommended shop or club near Philly?

Thank you


I just looked at Darren’s website that you referenced. It is a great resource that I had forgotten about over time. Thanks for reminding me about it!

Jeff P.