Where paddle in Yuma

I will be travelling a lot for business, and will be in Yuma around the 28th April till 19th June. and would like some contacts for canoe routes, renting a canoe and possibily a bow paddler. on this trip I will likely only have one day free for paddling, but there is a good chance that I will be returning for longer trips.

the best email to contact me on will be sales@rememberwhenimages.com

Thank you.

There’s a river…
…between Calif and Ariz, but it never looked navigable.

That was years ago and I wasn’t paddling then. (1973).

go horse back riding in the dessert. That’s a hoot.

Take me, I love AZ !!

Google for Paddling Lower Colorado
There are several outfitters that will drop you off for a day paddle on the river about 20 miles north of Yuma.

My reccomendation is to do it as soon as you can. It will soon be above 100 F. Last time I was in Yuma it was 118 freaking degrees!

Bill Williams River
It’s north of Yuma a bit, but I’ve read many good things about paddling it (no first hand knowledge). As seadart mentioned, it is extremely hot and dry beginning about May and worsening through June. I lived there for a while; when you think you’ve packed enough water, pack more.

too late…
We hit 95F in Phoenix on Sunday and while I don’t remember the high in Yuma, I do remember that it was warmer there. My guess is that it was 98F.

(The Ironman was also on Sunday - I was a volunteer on Tempe Town Lake which was a good excuse to go kayaking. The winds came up towards the end of the swim portion and was pretty bad for the rest of the day. It was tough on the participants during the bicycle and run phases.

Hottest place on the planet
Next to Gila Bend, maybe.