Where to buy a Greenland Paddle?

I’ve been learning about these paddles all night. I’ve got a bookmarks folder with about 20 links on how to make them. But the only ones I could find to buy are from Turtle Paddles. What are some other sites that sell these?



Beale Paddles
In my opinion, Don Beale carves the finest paddles around for a very reasonable cost. www.bealepaddles.com

Here’s a list from Qajaq

I have Beale paddles. For quality, and quality/price ratio, I don’t think you can beat them.

For Carbon Fiber, Superior gets mentioned.

Paul S.

I have owned the following
Superior Wooden GP

Suprerior CF GP

Beale GP

and I have also paddled a Feathercraft GP on a week long vacation. IMHO the Beale, the only one I still have, is the best and least expensive.

I have used my Beale for 2 years now and would get another in a hearbeat.


Beales are great–another option that’s slightly less expensive and less well known but as good is a paddle from Bill Bremer’s Lumpy Paddles: www.lumpypaddles.com .

I’m Brand New At The GP Thing
but very pleased with my Lumpy. Bill got my hand placement perfectly and gave me valuable advice on how to use it.

(My paddle isn’t really lumpy… yet)


Greenland Paddles
Take a look at Wolfgang Brink Paddles on the "Commercial Greenland Paddle link you received. A lot of us in the San Francisco Bay Area like and use them.


local lumber store
There’s all sorts of greenland paddles looking to escape from their milled prisons.

You can help these poor souls.

All it takes is time, tools, & a willingness.

Or I guess you could send a donation to one of the fine paddle-freeing organizations listed above & adopt an already free’d paddle, but it’s much more rewarding to free your own.

I love my Betsie Bay G.P.
I’m on my 2nd ‘Greenlander’ as the first one ‘took flight’ from my car roof at , oh, about 75mph. Actually faired very well, just took a beating from cartwheeling through the rip-rap on the side of the highway, lots of little dings all over. used it for a few more years till I decided a new one was in order. Also have the ‘Graflite’ version which is also very light as well as the shorter ‘Storm’ as a back-up. Betsie Bay will sell direct, or I could send you one from my shop!

Cricket, or make one
Cricket makes a very nice one, but you really should take a shot at building your own. If you have access to a bandsaw to do the rough cutting you can get the basics done in one day of planing and sanding.

Here’s how: http://www.paddlewise.net/topics/boatequip/makegreen2.pdf


If I were you…
… I’d go Beale. Plain solid WRC. Good traditional shape (GPs vary and some are made to be used differently) and good price.

If you got bucks to burn the Superiors are nice. I love my carbon GP. Their GP kit may be an options to. It’s nearly finished needing only minor sanding/finishing work - and is now a hollow core laminate too for bonus weight saving and strength.

I felt like I got a good buy on one of his premade paddles. I didn’t need another unfinished project so I didn’t want to build one.

You can also custom order and pick from several options for wood, layout, and tips.

I’d use them again.

Good Luck


Stick with custom-sized…
Hey all…

My two top picks for a custom-made GP are…

A paddle by Don Beale

or a Lumpy Paddle, which I happen to make. : )

The Superior CF-GP is a good third pick, but can’t be custom-sized to fit the individual paddler.

Each of these paddles are slightly different interpretations of the same basic design, so each will have a slightly different feel in the water, but are all good paddles.

There is of course a certain satisfaction to making your own, but the advantage to buying, especially if you don’t have much experience with the GP, is that we’ve already figured out all the little bits and pieces that can make all the difference in whether or not you actually enjoy using your new paddle.

It’s important to get a paddle that is custom-sized to fit you, your boat, and any individual preferences you may have. Most of the GP’s on the market are essentially cookie-cutter paddles, in that they aren’t individually sized to fit the paddler, but are made to the same specs for each paddle. I’ve done a lot of paddles since I started making paddles for others, and it’s amazing how few people actually measure to the specs of the cookie-cutter sized paddles.

There is something both seductive and elegant about the GP, that makes most who try them never go back. The two key things to having that “Aha…!!!” moment are understanding the minor differences in technique between G-style and the Euro-blade, and having a well made paddle that both fits you well, and works well…


Bill Bremer


Nomad paddles

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i would never spam this board, but since this is for a public service for someone looking for specific info...


we are in vancouver BC, and we have our own custom carved line of greendland paddles made my a local master carver, Mark Reuten, who used to do most of the shop work for Robert Morris.

they are absolutely beautiful, available as solid wood, double, or triple laminations at very reasonable prices (between $289-319.98 CDN).

he makes them out of red or yellow cedar in the solid, the laminated paddles are red cedar on the loom and paddle body, with either hard maple or jatoba (brazilian cherry) on the edges and tips.

we also have some storm paddles and will be receiving some throwing sticks in the new year.

if you would like some photos to see what they are like, email me at sales@ecomarine.com and i'll gladly send some to you.



many rumors around
that Superior will be offering a take-a-part carbon GP if any are interested beam them an e-mail…I have and of course no response, so hopefully their too busy putting in the take-a-part mechanism.