Where to buy a long bungee?

Want to make a simple cockpit cover, I made one for garage storage but want to find a source for a strong bungee. In my garage, I just use some thin fabric elastic from a fabric shop but it’s not strong enough for driving. I’m wondering if I can use one when it’s raining.

Do they make readility available bungee cord stuff in a hardware store? I can cut the hooks off and connect the ends together. I’m wondering if I could even use some dynamic climbing rope that I could get from campmor… Hmmm, anybody know of a good source? If not a climbing rope, would a fabric store carry something strong enough?


Bungee cord

On the net using a search engine try searching “bungee cord” . There are quite a few listings. This is your best bet at finding a specific size and or color.

I have noted that you are in my area from the Splitrock posts. A few years ago I picked up some basic cut to length bungee cord at the Denville hardware store. I’m not sure if they stock it anymore. You might want to give them a call before you make the trip.

google 'shock cord’
We checked prices at several places and got it by the foot. There are numerous options.

Some hardwares (Ace has it near me)
also CLC.com as well as Jamestown Distributors (anything for boat-building from them)…

I’ve been successful buying
bungee at large flea markets. If there are any in your area that feature a lot of “hardware store” items you should check 'em out.

Bungee sources…
I don’t know where you’re located; but outdoor gear stores (backpacking/climbing outfitters) often sell 1 or 2 different diameters by the foot.

I actually got my most recent stuff at the local True Value Hardware. Their automotive department had spools of it , (3 or 4 different diameters) sold by the foot.

Good Luck!

Online source
here 'tis


I bought some at Boaters World.
You can also get packages where you can custom make your own lengths and you put the plastic hooks on the ends.



Bungie by the foot
Northwest River Supplies, Eco Marine Kayak, Northwest Outdoor Center seel by the foot. I ordered some from Campmoor several years ago, so they may be a source.


Not at Home Depot…
I’m going to try an automotive store since some folks have said they had found them sold by the foot at auto stores…

I went to a Home Depot in Riverdale and the longest premade one was 48" which isn’t long enough and I asked somebody about cut to length ones and they said nope.


Thanks, I just checked campmor’s online site and they do sell 1/4" shock cord which should be good for me. Campmor is about 17 miles from me so the next time I’m there I’ll get some if I do not find anything closer. Sheesh, my sister thinks I live there because I go there almost once a week. There is always some hiking/biking/skiing/paddling thing that I need and I get 10% off there… I am going to ask my company if I can just direct deposit my check into Campmor…


shock cord
Just found a web site that has shock cord, neoprene, etc. All sorts of boat building supplies. The name of the company is John R. Sweet and site is www.johnrsweet.com. They have plans for making a spray skirt, but it could be altered to make a cockpit cover I imagine. Good luck.

Ace is the Place
Just got some for a trash bag holder at my locak Ace Hardware.


Truck Stops/Truck Supply

Bungee source
The best selection at the best price I’ve ever seen is from www.theropedope.com. He ships the same day, an you can buy a lifetime supply of bungee for about 20 bucks.

West Marine (not cheap though)
I happen to be in Lewes Delaware for the Mother’s Day weekend and found that West Marine sells shock cord by the foot in various diameters so I bought 8ft at 69cents/foot. Didn’t seem cheap but I wasn’t going to mail order 8ft of bungee cord. So there ya go!


Try longbungee.com L

True Value
I searched for quite a while (even posted a similar question here a few months back) and after all my net searching and camping/specialty store searching, I found spools and spools of the stuff at True Value for dirt-cheap. The guy there even cut it and burned the ends for me…how nice!

How to tie the ends together.
Anybody suggest whether I should get a clamp that I’m afraid might scrath the coaming or should I tie the ends of the bungee together. Fisherman’s knot or something similar? I’m not a knot expert…


I have ordered bungee twice from John Sweet, Good service although I wish you could order online. The price per yard was cheaper then other places want per foot.

In general there are a few things to look for, I think one of the types gets destroyed by UV, and some of them have a single big rubber peice inside instead of strands. Also remember to get the hog rings for them. They make pliers specifically for putting these on but I just squeeze them in a vise.

I wanted to make a criss cross bungee to go over my canoe like you see on yak decks so I too some S hooks from Lowes and bent on end in to form a solid ring and then other out a big so it would be big enough to fit over my gunwales, then I glued on some 1/8" rubber thread covers (looks like a rubber hollow bullet) over the end to keep it from scratching stuff up. Looks nice.