where to buy a skeg cable?

I need to buy a replacement skeg cable for a rm avocet (VCP), and I can’t seem to find an online source. The Valley website does have some parts listed, but not a skeg cable. Any ideas?


not sure if they come long enough
but as a last resort, maybe a bike shop would have brake cable type of material that would work. I couldn’t find a throttle cable for my old snowmobile and had one made up by the local 2 wheeler store.

Contact GRO at
Great River Outfitters

One Phillips Street, North Kingstown, RI 02852

[tel] 401.667.2670

[fax] 401.667.2680


They are the distributors for Valley Kayaks in NA

We got 'em
at Atlantic Kayak Tours. Google for the website and give a call.


They also have them in stock.

Boating stores
Like West Marine or any of them.

It’s the same cable that sail boats use and they carry it on a spool and will cut any length you need. It comes in various widths - bring yours for a match.

how to attach?
at skeg blade? My 3 VCP boats all were bonded directly to the skeg.

Soon I bet I’ll be asking: ok, how do I attach this durn thing?

one more tip
get a cable cutter that’s specific for multistrand wire–you can’t cut this stuff with a standard wire cutter.

Much easier to…
…just order a Valley replacement skeg/cable assembly.

Cutting and attaching
If you need to cut the length, you can use a grinding wheel or grinder or mini grinding wheel in a drill. Or just get the boating store to cut it to length for you.

I would first call a Valley dealer or distributor and ask about attaching it to the skeg. (Kayak Center in Wickford, RI)

Personally, I would use epoxy in the cavity. I would roughen up the cable at that point and spread the wire a bit.

Make sure you get 1x19 cable…
…NOT 7x19, which is much too flexible to work in a skeg. Either 3/32" or 1/8" will work, but I’ve found the smaller size to work more smoothly.

Are you sure?
All the VCP skegs I’ve seen have set screws in them that secure the cable. There should be a hole in the edge of the blade that’s drilled at an angle toward the cable.

It’s not easier on your wallet!
Replacing just the cable costs less than ten bucks and can be done in 10-15 minutes.