Where to buy best Kayak for my next tour?

Hi, every one am new to this forum. Am just want to know where to buy best Kayak for my next tour. We are planning to visit Mountain Lake in Colorado.

What are you doing with it.

Are you going with friends or a guide or outfitter? And, English your second language or are you trying to come from outside the US?

There are probably 100 different right answers to that. Start with PaddleDog52’s questions. Then what is the size of the lake? Are you going to be packing a few days gear in the kayak or paddling out of a base camp? If you are paddling in with gear is it solo or multiple people? What’s your loadout?

Am trying to come outside from us :slight_smile:

Hi paddledog52, my budget is 500$

Camping, or not?
Guided, or not?

Kayaks are extremely difficult to get if you are being picky right now, still shortages. I feel certain you could find a beat up old Swift for well under that.
But there is not enough information from you to even start to tell whether that would do what you need.