Where to buy deck bungee?

I want to add a few short pieces of deck b

Bungee and am having trouble finding it by the foot. I checked home depot, lowes, tractor supply, local hardware stores, army & navy, etc.

I even looked around for bungees to buy and cut the hooks off to use but could not find any of the right diameter, all I found were the thick ones.

I did not check on line, I was hoping to buy it local…

Any suggestions?

Well, if you can’t find it locally you can buy 1/4" diameter black bungee here:


I got deck bungees at REI. Sell it by the foot. Last time there they did not have the thicker ones but try your local store, might be different.

Also West Marine. n.m.

Bungie cord
Any marine supply store will have bungie cord of various diameters.

A Few More
I have found good prices for many kayak related items at Campmor and ebay. Shipping fees have stayed the same as gas prices have sharply risen in the past few years. Mail Order is good.

has a pretty amazing store for kayaking gear and outfitting

Do you have a local …
paddlesports shop? Our local shops all have spools in stock and sell it by the foot. If you can find it Grip-Rite from Neocorp is great.

local outfitters
I’ve always been able to find it at independent outdoor shops that sell backpacking, climbing and (usually) kayaking gear, by the yard in a couple of thicknesses. You can sometimes find it at large fabric stores, too, in the notions department (again, by the yard).

Available alternative
You might consider getting the bungie cord sold for attaching sleeping bags to backpacks. Just cut off the ball at the end. I got a package with two cords, 5/32 by 30 inches for two bucks – that’s 40 cents a foot. It’s a little narrower than the kayak bungie cord, but that just makes it easier to threat through the fittings. Depending on where you are using it, the size might be right. And it’s good for temporary use until you can get what you want.

I searched everywhere
when I wanted some recently. Hardware, sporting goods, Menards, Home Depot,…finally found it at the kayak shop. Imagine that.