Where to buy Dynel and G-flex

I recently bought an old MR guide that has a bigger than hand sized area on the bottom that is delaminating. There is a 4 by 2 inch area in the middle missing the outer layers with the foam exposed. The boat is in good condition otherwise.

I did a search on Royalex repairs and decided to use G-flex. I had thought to use some MAS epoxy and 6 oz E glass as that is what I have on hand. I have also been told that JB water weld does a decent repair job, and have considered using it, but don’t know how flexible it would be.

After reading the many post on this topic I decided on using the G-flex. I also though the Dynel would be good for the outside layer. I though someone might know the best place to get these materials.

I get my G-flex at West Marine
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Order some peel ply as well for a nice smooth finish! Jen and Davey are great and know there stuff. Am just finishing an order with them myself!

A few years ago I patched a place from
right under my avoirdupois, where the vinyl had worn off the ABS.

I cleared the vinyl off completely, and used two concentric layers of S-glass.

S-glass is the hardest generally available boat cloth, and pretty tough, too. It does not slide quite as easily as Dynel, but S-glass is much stronger.

Choose Dynel only if the top priority is slipperyness. Choose S-glass if the top priority is strength, with a good measure of hardness and resistance to scratching and gouging.