where to buy food

mostly dried and such but specifically dehydrated black beans, dehydrated tomatoes/sauce/etc and such.

No luck, so far around where I live, but I’m sure I’m not looking in the right places


Lot’s of places
Here is one.



ummmm … excuse me …
this board isn’t veggie central, it’s supposed to be about paddling …

dehy beans
good prices on all varieties of dehydrated beans:

Taste Adventure


I’ve taken them on many trips (as well as use at home).


s’cuse yourself …
he’s most assuredly gonna take this food paddling with him. and even if he weren’t … go find a life instead of trying to be the forum police.

thanks and apologies
many thanks for the help! Have alreday comprised my order list and will be ordering today.

My apologies to the person who I obviously offended by asking for help in the ADVICE, SUGGESTIONS and GENERAL HELP. I’m sorry you were offended but I am glad I posted my plea for help and would do it again. I’m taking a college/career group from my old church out for a 3 day/2 nighter in a couple of weekends and was just looking for some new ideas – sea kayaking by the way.

Veggie Central?? You did bring a laugh to start my day. In the old days I would of taken offence – I’m 50 now and much more mellow. I hope you find peace.

Fairwinds to all,


Also Campmor

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They have dried food as well. www.campmor.com

mary janes farm
Veggie, organic. Also hit and miss. Many of her dehydrated meals were very good, one or two were boring. But her black bean hummus is delicious.



More stores

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Trader Joe's has stores in Atlanta and Roswell, GA, and they're opening stores in Sandy Springs, East Cobb, and Norcross GA soon. They have lots of good stuff, and great prices.

Whole Foods has stores all over the Atlanta area too.

Oh! And try these guys:http://www.cachelake.com/ Really tasty.

I've had good luck shopping regular stores -- look in the section where the dried whole black beans and pinto beans are. I found dehydrated refried black beans, vegetarian chili mixes (just add water) and dehydrated soups of all kinds. Have fun!


Welcome to paddling.net
local food coops or health stores are great for this stuff

If you do a lot of trips a food dehydrator is the best though. The stuff from fantastic foods is very salty.

How 'bout

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Wha Ho, Pilgrim;

Try dis place


Dem's sell online or through retailers. Here a list o' de retailers in Georgia.


Gots lotsa stuff thaar.

(Opps! Jus' noticed de black beans have been discontinued.)

Fat Elmo

Thanks to all you folks…
…who posted links and suggestions.

I had fun checking them out, on a subject I hadn’t really thought much about, at least when carousing in these parts. But since I’ve been wrestling with making dinner in a hurry in the evening, after work/school for myself and two daughters, just perusing some of the supplied links gave me some new ideas. (Veggie fritattas, orange-cranberry bread, black-bean hummus, though I have to admit that MaryJane’s Pay Dirt Farm School does sound a tad as though Ms. Hathaway’s taken the hoe outta Granny’s hands).

I find the paddler’s universe much more interesting when the focus isn’t so narrowed that we find ourselves gettin’ all wet only takin’ dip-dip-and-swings, don’t you?

Well, perhaps Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber forgot to send out all the invitations to the Veggie Tales Paddlers’ Games.

And dems da beans!


Why don’t you dehydrate the
food yourself? It’s easy to do and a dehydrator isn’t very expensive.

dehydrated beans …
… are my favorite paddling snack too!

some people actually go camping …
as part of a paddling trip.

Check out http://www.waltonfeed.com/. They have just about everything dried and there premix dinners aren’t too bad.