Where to buy HH-66

I am looking for HH-66 vinyl adhesive. But I would like to buy it locally due to a time constraint. Any ideas on where I could find such a thing? home dumpo guy looked at me like I was nuts and the local fabric store lady told me to sew my dry bag… Brilliant.

Any ideas?


Why wouldn’t Vynabond work?
It’s more widely available, and if your drybag is mainly vinyl based, you can patch it with Vynabond.

Some non vinyl glues like AquaSeal may work well also.

If there’s something special about HH-66 or whatever it is, let us in on it.

Denver Tent Company
Sells it. Don’t know if that is local to you. I think AAA Inflatables also has it. Vynabond seems like a more expensive equivalent to me.

I’m in NY
so a Denver store isnt quite local. haha.

I am looking for HH-66 because it is what was recommended to me by a person who has made dry bags before… That’s all.

Where would I find Vynabond?

making dry bags
I’ve made a fair number of dry bags, float bags, and canoe covers with vinyl. I’ve always used HH66 because it comes in large containers at a cheaper price than tubes of vynabond. Try a rafting store.

HH66 or Vynabond

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both come in larger containers as well..
I got a gallon of Vynabond at a local flooring company for ~$50.
Pool shops use Vynabond. Dive shops, too.
Upholstery and flooring uses mostly HH66.
Tarp (heavy truck, boats) companies tend to use HH66 as well.
I found Vynabond easier to work with (no primer needed, ie) and more flexible once cured. Meaning you can find more uses for it than for HH66 (recently used V for a PVC pond liner...).
If I recall it right, both manufacturers have distribution/dealer lists on their web sites.

Good luck!

PS: I use nearly always 'dry application' with Vynabond: both surfaces get a thin coat of V brushed on and I let it dry until you can touch it without any sticking. Then I reactivate with a little warm air from a heat gun (hair dryer should work, too) and mate the surfaces. Bond is on impact, so no more wiggling after! Roll over it with some pressure (rubber or silicone roll) or I press smaller items in a vise for a second. Leave it alone over night and the bond will be permanent (as in for ever). I.e. you will not be able to remove D rings glued in this way off a RX hull without cutting into the hull material.
Vynil fabric will rip beside the seam but never the seam itself.

Seattle Fabrics

I see both on Ebay
I see both HH-66 and Vynabond on Ebay for what appear to be fairly reasonable prices.

I went to a few dive shops who had none. I went to a pool shop- that was out.

Then I remembered something: I’m an idiot. We have a large party tent, that came with a repair kit. DUH! Checked the kit- there it was. 8 oz of HH-66!


So thanks anyway. Now I’m off to make a dry bag.